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Joao Simao’s Tips on Monster Series

Joao Simao is popular as one of the world’s best poker tournament player. He has total live earnings of more than $2.1 million. Meanwhile, his online poker winnings are around $7.4 million. Surely, Simao knows what he is talking when it comes to multi-table tournaments. Thus, here are Simao’s tips to enjoy the Monster Series successfully.

Opportunity to Grow Bankroll

The Monster Series is a good opportunity to grow your bankroll, all thanks to the guarantees. There are many satellites which give you a chance to see a high and good return on your investment.

You need to understand that with these massive fields, you will have higher variance like sbobet88. Make sure to mix your tournament sessions and bankroll with Power Series events and smaller fields. Yes, they have smaller ROI but you must take control of the variance.

Create a Clear Plan

Make sure to plan your week. It is best to sit down and have a clear mind. Before beginning the session, make sure to do all the things that you need to do. Give yourself some time to prepare. With this, you can be 100% focused as you come in the table and play.

Patience is Important

In the game of poker, it is important to have some patience. You cannot win the big field tournaments by playing each hand and going hard throughout the day. Do some bluffs, take opportunities, and avoid marginal spots so you can survive.

Look After Yourself

Make sure that you have some sleep and you eat the right meals. Tournaments can last for a few hours. But players with great stamina can stay strong, last for more hours, and enjoy big profits. So make sure that you keep yourself healthy and strong.

Enjoy the Game

According to Jao Simao, the most important tip is for you to have fun in the game. Poker like sbobet88 is an awesome game and you must enjoy the game while playing. If you don’t enjoy the game, what’s the point in staying in it for long hours? Control your emotions and feel grateful to be in the Monster Series. This will help you keep the game longer.

Get Moving

Indeed, studies show that exercising has lots of benefits in your life. The impact that it brings to your brain is scientifically proven and it is undeniable. Through exercises, it can boost brain function. It can increase your IQ and bring a positive impact on your emotions and moods. Thus, it is always best to get yourself moving.

Do not keep on sitting in front of the computer for many hours and avoid getting into the gym. Find some time that you like doing and try spending at least 30 minutes on it. Practice doing it for at least one hour and do this exercise each day.

Eat Well

To be at your best, you must fuel your body the best way that you can. This can vary from each person, but when it comes to better brain function, it is best to eat a meal during the morning or throughout the day. Try to have some coffee to fuel you through the day. Apart from this, take healthy fats, protein, and low carb diet.