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Liverpool Writes a New Page in History

Being a bookie can be a little predictable in some sports. When it was announced that Barcelona were the favourites for the second leg of the Champion’s League Semi-Final no one was surprised, and yet things really did not go as expected when Liverpool pulled a history in the making win out of the bag, trashing the team 4-0 and claiming their place in the final 4-3 on aggregate. As reports nobody saw this one coming, and it will be remembered forever as a true underdog success story.

The first round of the semi-final could not have gone any worse for the team who are sitting in second place in the Premier League and still in with a chance of winning that too. They lost three nil in what was described as a humiliating defeat. When the bookies made Barcelona, the favoured it was generally assumed to be a sure thing but once the match kicked off a different story altogether played out that had commentators screaming into their microphones and scores of fans, in the stadium or watching from elsewhere staring opened mouthed at what they were seeing. When they won 4-0, the noise was defending and not just from the fans at Anfield, but across the country, the cheers rang out. Barcelona could not believe their luck as what was once a sure thing final place was snatched from their grasp, and their Champion’s League story ended for this season.

No one is quite sure where the fire came from, but they were a team on a mission and nothing, but nothing was going to stand in their way. Klopp kicked off the arch with a stunning lineup that really meant business and included Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez, and Gerard Pique. The first goal came early, and at that stage, no one was overly excited, they are a strong team, and their previous defeat was out of character, but things were set to continue on an upwards trajectory taking them to victory. Goalie Alisson more than earned his money that night too, knocking back several attempts on his goal, and with his determination to keep the balls out, and the rest of his team equally determined to get them in, Barcelona could only watch in disbelief as the Anfield crew showed the world just what they are made of and what they can do when under pressure.

The disbelief for Barcelona and relief for Liverpool fans was palpable and former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson summed up the feeling when he said  “I don't believe Liverpool could have pulled off their famous Champions League victory over Lionel Messi and Co without the help of their fans, who I know from experience are like a 12th man when you are out there on the pitch. As a Liverpool player, I learnt for myself what a difference that support makes - I would describe it as a feeling of 'whoosh', and ‘wow'. You might think you are tired, but then you run and chase the ball and make a tackle and the place goes mad. You are thinking 'how good is this' and you want some more of it. For the opposition, the opposite is true. The crowd unsettles and unnerves them, as much as it lifts and inspires the Liverpool players.”


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