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LPL Spring Split 2017 odds

Who wins LPL Spring Split 2017?

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The LPL Spring Group Draw has concluded. Royal Never Give Up, I May, Snake eSports, LGD Gaming, and Invictus Gaming, and Oh My God are in Group A. EDward Gaming, Team WE, Vici Gaming, Newbee Gaming, Gamtee, and QG Reapers are in Group B.

In the League of Legends Pro League, groups are drawn randomly from three pools based on performance in the previous season. LPL Finalists were placed in Pool 1. LPL Regionals participants were placed in Pool 2. First round playoffs participants and teams that placed fifth in Group Stage are placed in Pool 3. The first place LSPL team and the team that made it into LPL in the last round of the Promotion Tournament are in Pool 4.

QG Reapers, newly rebranded from Newbee Young, have revealed their initial starting roster for the 2017 Spring split.

Since the addition of Hu “Cloud” Zhenwei, QG Reapers have made only minor changes to their roster for the 2017 Spring split. Chen, former LSPL mid laner, transitioned to top lane to accommodate the team. Khan, formerly known as Hanlabong, returns to QG Reapers after playing briefly for Korean team, Seoul. Kabe has joined QG Reapers following his time on Legend Dragon as both an AD carry and a top laner.

LPL team Game Talents announced their 2017 LPL Spring roster on weibo. In the announcement, they revealed jungler Huang “crisis” Zhen and support He “City” Wei have transferred to LSPL team ME (sister team to WE). They also announced the addition of ex-Legend Dragon players, Liang “xiaoyu” Jian and Xu “Xubin” Qingbin, as well as Team KungFu support, Zhou “Soul” Feng. xiaoyu and Xubin come from LSPL team, Legend Dragon. Legend Dragon placed fourth in 2016 LSPL Summer. Soul played for LSPL team, Team KungFu, who placed 14th of 14 teams and were auto-relegated. Prior to joining Team KungFu, Soul played briefly for Energy Pacemaker All when the team had a slight upswing in 2016 LPL Spring.

Newbee Gaming announced the addition of Yu “Cool” Jiajun as mid laner. Aside from Cool, Newbee Gaming have gained substitute AD carry and support players and a new coach for their LPL roster for the 2017 Spring split, according to weibo.

Following a disappointing finish in the LPL Promotion Tournament in the 2016 LPL season, Bae “dade” Eojin left Newbee Gaming. The QG Reapers roster that placed second in 2015 LPL Summer and finished top of their group in the LPL regular season in 2016 Spring were sold to Newbee Gaming and rebranded in 2016 LPL Summer with only the mid laner changed, resulting in a bottom four finish.

ESports Focus reports that EDward Gaming has announced that Zhao "Fireloli" Zhi-ming will be starting for the team come the beginning of the 2017 LPL Spring Split. This comes as some surprise, as the last time Fireloli played, it was for another organization altogether, IMay, and there had been no word of his intent to leave that organization.

Fireloli's history on EDG is a spotty one. He first joined the team back in February of 2014 as a substitute, but never saw game time until the Spring of 2016. Spring saw EDG try out Fireloli, who was known then as a protegee of the nearly legendary Ming "Clearlove" Kai, to disastrous results. Rather than the easy wins that EDG was expected to take based on their mechanically superior roster, the team struggled to not get clobbered by every team they met. Fireloli simply failed to have anywhere near the impact that Clearlove did, especially in the new and unfamiliar jungle of Spring 2016, which was the where the ADC junglers really took to the forefront.