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LPL Spring Split 2019 odds

Who wins LPL Spring Split 2019?

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LPL Spring Split 2019

The League of Legends Pro League (more commonly abbreviated as LPL), is China’s premier League of Legends tournament, divided into a Summer Split and Spring Split, with the LPL Spring kicking off on January 14. The full calendar of the event has already been announced by the organization, 16 teams from across China will participate.

The event brings together the biggest teams in China to battle it out for domestic bragging rights, including Royal Never Give Up, Invictus Gaming, JD Gaming, EDward Gaming, Rogue Warriors, and SinoDragon Gaming. Invictus seems to be the favorite by looking at the futures odds for the 2019 World Championship, followed closely by Royal Never Give Up, thus enabling China to make a legitimate case for being the center of the League of Legends universe right now.

China seems to be taking the sport very seriously, which is easily evident from the fact that outside of the Worlds and the Mid-Season Invitational, LPL Spring 2018 saw the largest prize pool in esports history. That shows that there is more cash up for grabs in China than in South Korea Europe, or North America, and not only cash it is also churning out some magnificent talents right now.

An interesting thing about this year's event is that it will no longer follow the group system it previously did. To the surprise of many fans, the main Chinese League of Legends competition will now consist of a single group, with the teams facing only once in the regular phase. The problem here is that some of the participating teams have their own stadiums, for example LGD, will play their home games in the new 'city of esports' of Hangzhou-, so the Clashes between these teams will be limited to only one of the venues and may detract from the competition.

In any case, regardless of whether this change in the format has pleased or not, the LPL Spring Split 2019 promises to be more interesting than ever, since the last League of Legends World Cup champion was a Chinese team, Invictus Gaming. It will be fascinating to see how Invictus respond to their newfound status as the best team in the world. In addition, the regional teams’ level seems to have risen as well and all eyes are set on teams like RNG, which disappointed in the World Cup.

Again to remind you, on January 14 at 10:00 (Spanish peninsular time), the competition will begin with the clash between Topsports and Invictus Gaming. So you don't have to wait long to see Invictus in action again.

Only a day later two other teams with an extensive career as EDward Gaming and LGD will debut, while will have to wait until Saturday 19 January to see Team WE and still another day for the debut of RNG.