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London Marathon 2020 Odds

Who will win London Marathon 2020?

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Facts about the London Marathon 2019

The Virgin Money London Marathon is the most popular marathon on the planet with a world record number of people applying in the ballot for 2019. Unfortunately, that means a huge number of people will be disappointed after the ballot.

As a world record number of people (414,168 to be precise) enter the London Marathon 2019 ballot, we’ve collated a number of important facts you need to know before the big day.

Date for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019?

The 2019 London Marathon will be on Sunday 28 April 2019.

Entry for the London Marathon 2019

Balloting for the London Marathon 2019 has been closed. It was open from Monday 30 April 2018 till Friday 4 May 2018 at 5pm. Charity spaces are available for those who didn’t make it through the ballot.

Results of the ballot for London Marathon 2019

The ballot for the London Marathon 2019 was a total random draw. A system had been put in place some years back which made you automatically selected if you had applied for five successive years, but due to the growing numbers in the scheme this system was ended in2010.

A record of those who registered worldwide included 347,876 applicants from the UK, having an increase of 20,376 applicants from the world number that applied for the 2018 race. A total of 66,292 people constituted applicants from the overseas ballot.

The ballot is a complete random draw, thus anyone who applied had an equal chance of qualifying. Every successive applicant in the ballot will receive a letter of confirmation and magazine through the post. For the unsuccessful applicants, they will receive either a magazine or will be mailed an e-zine.

Entry fee for the London Marathon 2019

If you were successful in the ballot and didn’t pay your entrance fee upon entry, you will be sent a Link to pay. UK standards entry cost is £39 while the entry cost for those overseas is £80. For members of the UK-affiliated running club it is £35. You will likewise need to re-pay your entry charge in a case where you have conceded your place.

Running the London Marathon for charity

If you missed an opportunity in the ballot entry, do not worry, there is a chance for you to still run the London Marathon for charity. Two organizations, Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK have teamed up as the charity of this year’s London Marathon. The two charities have launched a year-long campaign titled Dementia Revolution. This campaign has as aim, raising of funds and awareness for the Dementia research. To find out more, apply for a guaranteed charity place.

Once the public ballot has been announced, a number of charities will re-open their ballot places, allowing runners to apply to run for them.

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