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Long Jump men World Athletics Championships 2019

Who wins Men's Long Jump at the World Athletics Championships 2019?

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After facing an injury, Manyongab is all set to return to the field

After missing a meet in Ostrava, the South African star is all set to make a comeback at the Lausanne.

Manyonga came second to Juan Miguel Echevarria in Rabat last month, after he suffered an injury. He injured his left ankle in the 4th round of the contest.

After the event, Manyonga's agent released a statement in which he said that the athlete's upcoming scheduled will be changed to allow him to recover, it further mentioned the cancellation of the Ostrava meet.

The Diamond League champ has so far failed to win a meet this year, although he remained unbeaten in the 2017 edition. Hengelo remains to be his only win abroad so far this year.

Manyonga performance so far may not be up to the mark, but he did start his season with a smash after he defended his national title back home. After winning the title, he said that he's now aiming for the Diamond League and world titles. He further said that he'll be looking to improve his performance too, by scoring longer distances.

Despite the low performance so far, the reigning world champion remains his country's best chance to win a medal in the upcoming World Championship due to be held in Doha later this year.

Putting all this behind him, Manyonga will be looking for a win as he come face-to-face with his arch rival Echevarria at the Lausanne.

The Cuban athlete seems to be outdoing Manyonga so far. Which was easily evident from his performance in Rabat last month, after he became victorious with a long jump of 8.34m (missing the season best by just 0.04m). Echevarria still has time to work on his performance and eventually take over the world record.

Talking about his performance, the Cuban said that he's happy with it and he owes it to his fan that has been very supportive of him.


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