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Make the most of your casino bonuses with these 5 tips

We all like having those extra bucks in our pockets. Think about all the things you dreamt about buying and all the places you dreamt of visiting. People seek various methods to fulfill these desires. Some of them try gambling to make their dreams come true. Casinos are the right way to give a push to your bank account. Casino bonuses can sometimes help you achieve your goals faster. However, not all will get success with each gamble. You may not even win big casino bonuses every time you play.

It is known fact to a gambler that the welcome bonus they receive in a casino is the way to go forward and win more. In this pandemic situation, online casinos can provide good entertainment and give you a shot at winning a huge chunk of money. Casino bonuses are a marketing tool used widely by most online casinos. This allows the user to decide whether or not they like the online casino site, to increase their playing time or to extend the bankroll.

There are several types of casino bonus that are distributed to new as well as existing customers.

  • No deposit Bonus – As you register in an online casino site, they offer you a free casino bonus without having to deposit any amount.
  • Match Bonus –the first deposit that you make is matched with a fixed percentage which is then added to your existing balance.
  • Cashback –A fixed amount of your loss or deposit is transferred back to your account the day after your gambling session.
  • Reload bonus – this is similar to match bonus; however, match bonuses are for new customers while reload bonus is for existing customers.
  • Loyalty Bonus – based on your play, the casino will provide you with free spins, gifts, or even real money.

Online casinos give away millions of dollars as bonuses. This is beneficial to both parties as the new customer can explore the gambling site while the online casino gets to attract new members. However, these bonuses come with some terms and conditions known as bonus conditions. It cannot be transferred directly to your bank account or e-wallets.

Let's look at the ways on how you can maximize the chances of winning more with the help of best online casino bonuses.

1. Calculate the bonus percentage

A lot of online casinos give bonuses by matching the deposit by 100% or even 150 – 200%. The maximum amount also varied from $50 to an unlimited bonus amount. Thus, the first step is to match the bonus percentage and the maximum amount. This will help in calculating the first deposit amount.

Let’s say that the online bonus percentage is 150%, the maximum bonus is $150 and the favorable deposit amount is $100. Then the first deposit amount should be $100+$150=$250.

2. Review bonus conditions

It is essential for gamblers to carefully go through the wagering requirements before getting involved in any online casinos.

Most casinos have the requirement to wager the bonuses atleast 25x to 50x the bonus amount before it can be withdrawn as real money.

It is a wise idea to calculate the wagering requirement of the bonus amount that you receive.

Let’s imagine you get a 200% bonus up to $100 with a wagering requirement of 35x the bonus. You decide to make full use of the offer and deposit $50 for a $100 bonus. Your starting balance is now $50 + $100 = $150. Not bad. You would need to wager 35 x $100 = $3,500 before you can convert the bonus amount into real cash.

You can also ask the help desk via chat options. If the helpdesk is not giving you good and satisfactory answers, then take it as a sign to look for other casinos.

3. Find out game contribution with the wagering requirements

Not all games contribute to the bonus wagering amount. Games like roulette, video poker, and blackjack contribute a lesser percentage to the bonus amounts. If you do not calculate the contributions of each game with the bonus amount, then you will never profit from the money.

4. Don’t abuse your bonus amount.

To ward off players who abuse the bonus amount, the casinos have introduced additional rules like you cannot exceed the maximum stake while playing with the bonus amount. If you happen to do so, then you will be labeled as the "Advantage Player "and can lose all the amount of your bonus.

5. Use up the free spins

There are some best online casino bonuses that give you free spins without requiring any playthroughs. If you win anything from these free spins can be immediately transferred to your bank account.

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