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Next-Generation Betting Platform Body

Tired of standard betting? All these complex odds, standard design, continuous sporting events. There are a huge number of betting platforms on the Internet that are almost indistinguishable from each other.

But is something completely new. Starting with an unusual design, and ending with functionality that you will not find anywhere else. What makes mimy so different from other sites?

The answer is quite simple: Anything it has.

On mimy, you can find many features that make this platform unique and as interesting as possible for curious users. Nice, convenient and understandable design, a huge number of events for betting, all this can be easily found on mimy.

In addition to standard sports events, like cricket matches or football, on you can find absolutely any event that you like. If you want to bet on a new marvel movie - come and bet!

Yes, you got it right! On this site, there is not only standard sports betting. Here you can find other, unusual categories. Place a bet on the movie you are waiting for in the Entertainment section. Try to predict the growth of stocks in the Digital category. Did you see the news about Elon Musk and want to be a part of it all? Nothing prevents you from betting on categories like Science, Space, or Tech. You can also find the Politics section and a huge number of events from Sports and Online Games. You can also find non-standard sports events. For example, how many subscribers will cricket player Virat Kohli have in August, or how many interviews will Messi give in 2021.

Event Creation

But this is not all the charm of this site. If you suddenly didn’t find what to bet on in these categories, then everything is very simple. Create your own event! There is a mechanic on the platform that allows registered users to create their own events that they would like to see on the site. This opens up tremendous opportunities for users:

  1. You can place a bet on the event that you want, even if it is not available anywhere else. It could be a further series plot, a local small tournament in which you or your friends participate, or even the number of followers of a certain celebrity on Instagram. It can be anything that comes to your mind and you can place it as a bet.

  1. When someone else bets on an event you created, you get a percentage of the loss. You make money simply because someone liked your event. Create 5 such events and enjoy the fact that money just drips into your account! You don't even have to risk your own cash to make money on betting. Isn't this a dream?

  1. You can make your event private, and bet with your friends on any nonsense that comes to your mind. Who will drink more, who will jump further, who will stand longer on their arms, and so on.

All you need to do is create an interesting event and add a way to check the result. Let's say you decided to create a bet on a series, in this case, find the official site, which will show the results. If this is exclusively your dispute with friends, then attach a video with evidence of the dispute. If you get confused or there are difficulties with creating an event, support and site moderators can always help you. In any case, they monitor the correctness and legality of all created events, and if you have any questions, they will certainly help you.


Sooner or later, you will have doubts or fears about all this. Everything can not be so good and without deception. But I hasten to reassure you, the site fully complies with all laws, you can find all licenses, terms, and conditions on the site and check them for authenticity.