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Alpine Olympics 2018 odds

Alpine skiing has been going on for a very long time. As a formal and organized sport, its history can be traced back to 1861. But skiing in itself is something that humans have been doing since the dawn of time. Or at least since man began moving over snow covered landscapes. When alpine skiing during the Olympic Wintergames will be arranged 2018, it will be at Yongpyong and Jeongseon in Pyeongchang in South Korea. All in all, we're talking about 11 events divided into five for fem, five for women and a mixed team event. The fives styles are slalom, giant slalom, down hill, combined and Super-G.

Lots have happened since the sport became popular. And these days, the events are extremely technical and demanding of equipment. Interestingly enough, the sport is no longer completely dominated by the Nordic countries even though they still are in a league of their own. The sport has simply grown beyond its original borders and become popular world wide. During the Olympic Wintergames 2018, 90 nations will be taking part and alpine skiing is a given. The different disciplines comes with different requirements. And everything from stamina to fast reflexes will be put to test.

Telling of the events are that they are very marked by elements of elimination and competition. And to succeed you have to win both single events and collect points. Generally speaking the Scandinavian countries have been at the forefront. A reason for this is that the Nordic conditions have made the training season relatively extensive. But lately, artificial snow and similar constructions have made it possible for other countries to compete on equal terms. Interestingly enough, the warmer countries have been closing in on the Nordic countries. So, for alpine skiing during the Olympic Wintergames of 2018, it's not wise to let traditional truths decide how to judge possible outcomes. What we know is that the races will be intense.

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