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Team event Olympics 2018 Odds

Who wins team event during winter olympics 2018?

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The alpine skiing team event during the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Yongpyong and Jeongseon in Pyeongchang in South Korea will be an unique event. That this event would be introduced was decided by the IOC during June 8th 2015. But it took a while to realize the ambition. So, what is the alpine skiing team event? Or mix as it's sometimes called. Alpine team event had a test round during the world cup of 2005 in Austria. With teams consisting of totally four people, of which two are men and two are women, different countries competed against each other. What makes the event unique is that it's especially intense since the length of the race is quite long.

There are lots of requirements for team work. And the group that doesn't work as a unit has little chance of success. Since the event is new, there's a lot of uncertainty in regards to how events will unfold. During the test event, France performed very well. But also Sweden, who are known for high standards when it comes to alpine events.

Many believe that the alpine skiing team event will be a crowd pleaser since the event uniquely combines intense skiing with lots of variation. Since each and every skier brings something to the table, we will be able to see lots of different techniques in a single race. And the mix of mens and womens skiing has turned out to be popular. But it's not until 2018 that we will actually be able to see the alpine team event. Lots of people believe that more events will turn towards mixing mens and womens events. Not only due to the fact that the spectators have reacted positively, but also due to the fact that such changes are very timely.