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Men's 12.5 km pursuit Biathlon Olympics Odds

Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics – Who wins Men's 12.5 km pursuit?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Quentin Fillon Maillet3.753.75
Johannes Thingnes Bø5.505.50
Émilien Jacquelin6.506.50
Sebastian Samuelsson7.507.50
Sturla Holm Lægreid11.0011.00
Tarjei Bø13.0013.00
Eduard Latypov16.0016.00
Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen16.0016.00
Alexandr Loginov19.0019.00
Martin Ponsiluoma21.0021.00
Anton Smolski34.0034.00
Benedikt Doll34.0034.00
Johannes Kühn34.0034.00
Simon Desthieux34.0034.00
Erik Lesser51.0051.00
Fabien Claude51.0051.00
Lukas Hofer51.0051.00
Philipp Nawrath67.0067.00
Dmytro Pidruchnyi81.0081.00
Tero Seppälä81.0081.00
Daniil Serokhvostov101.00101.00
Benjamin Weger151.00151.00
Felix Leitner151.00151.00
Jakov Fak151.00151.00
Jesper Nelin151.00151.00
Said Karimulla Khalili151.00151.00
Vytautas Strolia151.00151.00
Michal Krcmár251.00251.00
Sean Doherty251.00251.00
Simon Eder251.00251.00
Artem Pryma301.00301.00
Dominik Windisch301.00301.00
Anton Dudchenko351.00351.00
Christian Gow351.00351.00
Jake Brown351.00351.00
Olli Hiidensalo351.00351.00
Peppe Femling351.00351.00

Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics and men's pursuit

Pursuit is most likely the single event that has the most in common with sprint. Which isn't that strange, since pursuit usually begins where sprint ends. But still, the event has several unique aspects. Men's pursuit takes place on a 12,5 kilometer course divided into five laps. During the race, each participant gets to shoot twice. One time in prone position, and one time in standing position. If the shooter fails to hit the target, this actually forces the shooter to go an extra lap. What makes pursuit unique is the fact that the previous event decides the skiers starting positions. This usually means that sprint decides how much of a relative advantage each constant gets.

Since each skier has the right to shoot as soon as he has approached the target, pursuit has a tendency to turn into a very hectic and intense event. To avoid a crowded course, the only athletes that are allowed to take part are the ones that have scored well in the previous event. To win in pursuit, you simply need to be the first one to reach the goal. And since it's extremely important to have a good starting position, the previous event becomes an interesting part of pursuit.

Next to sprint, pursuit is usually a real crowed pleaser during the Winter Olympics. We have no reason to doubt that this will also be the case during this upcoming event. It's also worth noting that it represents the part of the Olympics when the contestants strengths and weaknesses begin to show. So there's a great possibility of using the outcome of pursuit as a basis for a prognosis of future success. It's truly an event worth watching.

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