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Men's 20 km individual Biathlon Olympics Odds

Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics – Who wins Men's 20 km individual?

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Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics and men's individual

As far as biathlon goes, individual is by far the oldest event and the one that has the most in common with traditional skiing. It's also quite similar to mass start, but differs in such a way that each skier starts with a delay at 30 seconds compared to the previous skier. The men's course represents 20 kilometers divided into 5 laps. Each skier gets the chance to shoot four times at each individual range. These four chances are to be performed in alternating prone and standing position. The amount of targets are at a total of 20. If the shooter misses the target, time is added to the total. This usually means that a miss adds one minute to the skiers time.

Individual has come to represent a somewhat more tranquil event compared to the other disciplines. It became a part of the Winter Olympics 1960 and has since been a given. To win, you simply need to reach the goal ahead of the other skiers. But this is quite hard to achieve if you don't perform well on each and every shooting range since a miss adds time. With a distance at 50 meters, it's necessary for the contestants to have a great ability to focus under pressure. Since the individual event does give the skiers some room to breathe, the contestants that have the ability to remain centered will most likely have an advantage. Even if the bystanders usually prefer the more intense events, distance is still very useful when it comes to creating a prognosis regarding future outcomes when it comes to the individual contestants ability to win the entire Olympics. That's why distance can't be underrated. And being an important part of skiing history, it can't be ignored. So take the opportunity to experience qualitative biathlon.

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