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Men's relay Biathlon Olympics Odds

Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics – Who wins Men's 4 x 7.5 km relay?

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Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics and men's relay

For natural reasons, relay puts both the individual contestants and the competing team at test. In men's relay, four skiers ski a course at 7,5 kilometers in three or four laps depending on the circumstances. They get to shoot twice at every range. Once in prone position and once in standing position. Each range gives them the opportunity to shoot at five available targets. When it comes to the three final shots, the rifle has to be reloaded for each shot. If the shooter fails to hit the target, he has to do as many extra laps as the amount of missed targets.

What makes the event unique is, of course, the relay. It means that the four contestants must touch each other in order to create a valid turnover. It's very important that they work together as a team. Compared to the individual events, it's the team itself that's being judged. During the first course, the contestant number decides where he gets to shoot on the range. But at the other ranges, it's a first come first serve basis. Since relay usually occurs late during the Winter Olympics, it comes with great expectations. Bystanders have usually gotten a good grip on the individual athletes strengths and weaknesses. But it's not unusual that the score is so even that relay becomes a very intense event. No matter what, it has come to represent all that the Olympic Games stand for. Both participants and bystander become part of the true group spirit that the games symbolize.

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