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Women's 15 km individual Biathlon Olympics Odds

Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics – Who wins Women's 15 km individual?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Hanna Öberg6.006.00
Tiril Eckhoff6.006.00
Elvira Öberg7.007.00
Lisa Theresa Hauser8.008.00
Marte Olsbu Røiseland8.008.00
Dorothea Wierer9.009.00
Dzinara Alimbekava13.0013.00
Marketa Davidova16.0016.00
Franziska Preuss19.0019.00
Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold19.0019.00
Anaïs Chevalier34.0034.00
Denise Herrmann34.0034.00
Yuliia Dzhima34.0034.00
Julia Simon51.0051.00
Justine Braisaz51.0051.00
Lisa Vittozzi51.0051.00
Anais Bescond67.0067.00
Linn Persson67.0067.00
Nigmatullina, Uliana67.0067.00
Stina Nilsson67.0067.00
Chloé Chevalier81.0081.00
Emma Lunder81.0081.00
Hanna Sola81.0081.00
Ida Lien81.0081.00
Mona Brorsson81.0081.00
Paulína Fialková81.0081.00
Svetlana Mironova81.0081.00
Janina Hettich101.00101.00
Larisa Kuklina101.00101.00
Monika Hojnisz101.00101.00
Elena Kruchinkina151.00151.00
Lena Häcki151.00151.00
Selina Gasparin151.00151.00
Vanessa Hinz151.00151.00
Dunja Zdouc201.00201.00
Karoline Offigstad Knotten201.00201.00
Mari Eder201.00201.00
Anna Magnusson251.00251.00
Baiba Bendika251.00251.00
Clare Egan251.00251.00
Irina Kazakevich251.00251.00
Julia Schwaiger251.00251.00
Lucie Charvatová251.00251.00
Susan Dunklee251.00251.00
Puskarcíková, Eva351.00351.00

Biathlon at the 2022 Winter Olympics and women's individual

Individual is actually one of the oldest disciplines in biathlon. It unites classic skiing with the modern aspects of biathlon. Perhaps that's why individual always is a popular part of the Olympic Winter games. By nature it's very similar to mass start, but the participating ladies start with a delay at 30 seconds in relation to each other. The total distance is 15 kilometers divided at five laps. The amount of shots allowed at each range is four. Half of the shots are to be performed while prone, and half of them while standing. If the shooter fails to hit the target, a minute is added to the skiers total time. Since there are twenty targets it's of great importance hit as many targets as possible.

Since individual become a part of the Olympic Winter games 1960, a lot of people consider it to be one of the older events of biathlon. Likewise, a lot of people feel that it's where the true abilities are put to test. The demands of the women are great, but amongst spectators this event is viewed as a more tranquil aspect of biathlon. But no matter what, if you want to learn what biathlon is all about, individual gives you the chance to view great skiing and shooting. It combines the tradition of skiing with the modern aspects of competitive biathlon. Spectators seldom get disappointed.