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Men's skiathlon Olympics Odds

Who will win men's skiathlon during the 2022 Olympics?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Alexander Bolshunov2.502.50
Johannes H. Klæbo3.253.25
Sergey Ustiugov9.009.00
Simen Hegstad Krüger9.009.00
Emil Iversen10.0010.00
Alexey Chervotkin15.0015.00
Hans Christer Holund15.0015.00
Iivo Niskanen15.0015.00
Erik Valnes26.0026.00
Ivan Yakimushkin26.0026.00
Sjur Røthe26.0026.00
Andrew Musgrave51.0051.00
Andrey Melnichenko101.00101.00
Artem Maltsev101.00101.00
Francesco De Fabiani101.00101.00
Ilia Semikov101.00101.00
Pål Golberg101.00101.00
William Poromaa101.00101.00
Andrey Larkov201.00201.00
Dario Cologna201.00201.00
Evgeniy Belov201.00201.00
Hugo Lapalus201.00201.00
Jens Burman201.00201.00
Lucas Bögl201.00201.00
Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget201.00201.00
Maurice Manificat201.00201.00
Calle Halfvarsson301.00301.00
Clément Parisse301.00301.00
Federico Pellegrino301.00301.00
Gus Schumacher301.00301.00
Jonas Dobler301.00301.00
Perttu Hyvärinen301.00301.00
Andrew Young501.00501.00
Beda Klee501.00501.00
Denis Spitsov501.00501.00
Didrik Tønseth501.00501.00
Finn Hågen Krogh501.00501.00
Florian Notz501.00501.00
Friedrich Moch501.00501.00
Furger, Roman501.00501.00
Janosch Brugger501.00501.00
Jean-Marc Gaillard501.00501.00
Johan Häggström501.00501.00
Jonas Baumann501.00501.00
Joni Mäki501.00501.00
Jules Lapierre501.00501.00
Oskar Svensson501.00501.00
Poroshkin, Ilia501.00501.00
Ristomatti Hakola501.00501.00
Scott Patterson501.00501.00
Vuorela, Markus501.00501.00
Candide Pralong1001.001001.00
Marcus Grate1001.001001.00

When men's skiathlon takes place during February 6 at the Kuyangshu Nordic Center and Biathlon Center in Zhangjiakou, the expectations will naturally be high. Not only due to the venue but also due to the amazing quality of the participating athletes.

What makes skiathlon unique is that it encompasses two different kinds of skiing techniques. The competing men are to employ both classic style and free skiing. What separates these two techniques is that classic skiing means the skier uses a basic diagonal stride. Free skiing, on the other hand, makes for much more high speed skiing due to the unique skating technique.

The course is set at 30 kilometers and as usual, the Nordic countries will have a certain edge to their skiing due to their impressive track record. Interestingly enough, certain countries of southern Europe, such as Italy, have begun providing the world with top skiers. This unexpected turn of events have made it much harder to predict the outcome of the Winter Olympics. It simply makes the outcome extremely uncertain.  Especially if you take into consideration the injuries that have plagued many of the Nordic teams. Perhaps most noticeably Sweden. But countries that have regularly gained top position are, amongst others, USA, Canada and Russia.

Looking at individual athletes has become increasingly difficult due to rapid changes in the structure of the individual Countries teams. But no matter how we look at it. We're in for some world class skiing that is sure to thrill and excite everybody. So no matter if you're planning to bet or simply watch, you're in for a ride.