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Men's sprint relay 2018 Olympics Odds

Who will win men's sprint relay during the 2018 Olympics?

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Men's sprint relay and the 2018 Winter Olympics

The countdown to the 2018 Winter Olympics, informally known as Pyeongchang 2018, has truly begun. While it may seem like a distant future. Before you know it. This games will be in full swing. And there are plenty of indicators hinting which countries will be amongst the top performers. Cross-country skiing has for a long time been the domain of Nordic countries, perhaps more specifically Scandinavian countries and Russia. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that there is no reason to even consider skiers from other countries as contenders. But this has been proven to be a somewhat fool hearted assumption. Especially since lots of the southern European countries have been performing well. Most notably Italy.

Skate -- a matter of technique, agility and stamina

Skate is one of two commonly used cross-country skiing techniques. It is highly technical and has pretty much nothing i common with the traditional classic method of skiing. Beginners deciding to try this technique quickly realize that the physical abilities of the professional athletes are enormous. Skate is used when the need to higher speeds occurs. And it is most often used intermittent. Usually the technique can only be applied to parts of the course since it requires groomed, or at least packed and level, snow.

Relay -- a team effort

What makes a relay race unique is the fact that team members take turns in order to complete the course. Usually colors are used to differentiate between team members. The total time is represented by elapsed time between the start and the final members passing of the finish line. Certain specific exchange point indicate when the team switches to a different competing member.

What this means is that not only has each and every athlete perform as an individual. They also have to perform as a team. This makes it much harder to predict the outcome since there are lots of factors to consider.

Past performance does not indicate future performance

Taking a look at previous events, and particularly the 2014 Winter Olympics, hint at a few top performing countries. Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and Finland have been sure winners. The reasons are probably many. But certain factors such as the respective countries long tradition of cross-country skiing, the fair amount of snow and such.

When talking about relay events. There is, of course, of great important to consider the countries as a whole. As opposed to individual events where the individual performance is of greater importance. This means that when taking a pick regarding possible and probable winners, we don't have to look at the individual athletes as much as their country of origin.

This means that we can narrow our picks of probably winners down to the aforementioned countries. But we can't rule out the performance of the individual. Petter Northug has often been mentioned as a favorite in the upcoming winter Olympics. And being a part of the Norwegian team. This speaks highly of the chances of Norway performing well. Russia has, for reasons unknown, had some troubles when it comes to team events. But with a strong line-up. There is no reason for this not to change. Especially since the individual Russian athletes have been performing very well. In any event. We need to keep a close eye on how the athletes perform as the 2018 Winter Olympics closes in.