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Downhill men Olympics Odds

Who wins men's downhill during winter olympics 2022?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Aleksander Aamodt Kilde3.253.25
Beat Feuz5.255.25
Matthias Mayer8.008.00
Vincent Kriechmayr9.009.00
Dominik Paris10.0010.00
Marco Odermatt10.0010.00
Johan Clarey15.0015.00
Ryan Cochran-Siegle25.0025.00
Max Franz30.0030.00
Niels Hintermann32.0032.00
Travis Ganong32.0032.00
Christof Innerhofer35.0035.00
Andreas Sander45.0045.00
Romed Baumann45.0045.00
Otmar Striedinger55.0055.00
Stefan Rogentin55.0055.00
Urs Kryenbühl55.0055.00
Adrian Smiseth Sejersted60.0060.00
Boštjan Kline75.0075.00
Bryce Bennett75.0075.00
Daniel Hemetsberger75.0075.00
Dominik Schwaiger75.0075.00
Felix Monsén75.0075.00
Matthieu Bailet75.0075.00
Mattia Casse75.0075.00
Martin Cater90.0090.00
Nils Allègre90.0090.00
Daniel Danklmaier100.00100.00
Henrik Roea100.00100.00
Matteo Marsaglia100.00100.00
Jared Goldberg125.00125.00
Steven Nyman125.00125.00
Josef Ferstl150.00150.00
Olle Sundin150.00150.00

Amongst the alpine sports, downhill is the one that is usually associated with high speeds. It's in fact the second fastest alpine event in the world. And professional skiers reach speeds well above 120 km/h. This has also made downhill one of the most popular events when the Winter Olympic Games are arranged during 2022 in Beijing.

In comparison to traditional slalom, downhill does not have roots in practical skiing. It has always been an event marked by technical skill and stamina. And unique to downhill, there's only a single race. Much of the technique lies in the fact that it's necessary to beforehand get to know the route and as a skier position one selves in a way that minimizes the air resistance. The first international event was arranged in 1936, and since then it has become known as onw of the most dangerous events in alpine skiing.

It wasn't really unexpected that downhill was to become known as a dangerous sport. With high speeds and high stakes, there aren't a lot of room for mmimstakes. The curreny speed record was set by french skier Johan Clarey. When he, during 2013, achieved the speed of 161,9 km/h, it was something that had never been seen before. Traditionally, the race starts high up in the mountains. The reason being the natural slope making it possible to reach high speeds. But the high speeds have put high demands on the equipment. And there's no room for mistakes. This in turn has created high demands for sponsoring due to increasing costs. But to the audience, the sport is more intense than ever.

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