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Giant slalom men Olympics 2018 Odds

Who wins men's giant slalom during winter olympics 2018?

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When the Winter Olympic games are arranged 2018 in Yongpyong and Jeongseon in Pyeongchang in South Korea, giant slalom is a given. In stark contrast to traditional slalom, giant slalom is a relatively new event. Even though it kind of lacks history, and first appeared during the 1930's, this form of slalom has become extremely popular. Even though the north American and Scandinavian countries have been traditional winners, Italy has been at the forefront when it comes to setting trends. But how is giant slalom different from traditional slalom?

Traditional slalom appeared as an event during the 1920's and is marked by the fact that skiers simply go between several poles that two by two form gates. But what makes giant slalom unique is the fact that the distance between the gates is much greater. This increases the speed. So in a way it's a much more intensive and faster variation of slalom. The background for it all is partly unknown.  But according to legend, giant slalom came to be due to a necessity when the rules of traditional slalom had to be altered due to a lack of snow.

During the 1950's, giant slalom become an international event. And in modern times, giant slalom has become popular due to the high speeds and intensity. But just as when it comes to traditional slalom, many things have changed in recent years. The higher demands on both athletes and gear have increased costs and put further demands on sponsoring. Spectators will in turn experience a higher tempo and much more entertainment.