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Combined women Olympics 2018 Odds

Who wins women's combined during winter olympics 2018?

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The interesting thing with alpine combined is that it unites several elements of alpine skiing. So during the Winter Olympic Games of 2018 in Yongpyong and Jeongseon in Pyeongchang in South Korea, we will see a classic mix of downhill and slalom in a single event. This puts focus on the athletes abilities to understand the path, being technical and have enough awareness to adjust as they go.

Even though slalom detracts from the total speed, alpine combined is still a very intense sport. A  unique aspect is that the skiers must perform at a high level in both events, since it's the total amount of points that decide who wins. So there is no room for lacking abilities. The combined events have put a very high demand on equipment and skiers. So the costs of material and training has increased drastically. That's why sponsorship has become important to modern alpine combined.

Interestingly enough, changes in material has resulted in lower speeds. The reason being that there have been too much serious injuries. But these changes haven't gone through without criticism. Those opposing the changes feel that current skiers don't get a chance to compete at the same level as previous generations. So previous records become hard to beat, and younger skiers are simply put in a separate class. But there are several opinions regarding this. And no matter how you feel about the question, 2018 will be a great year for alpine combined. And just as during earlier years, the amount of spectators will be huge since it is one of the most popular skiing events.