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Downhill women Olympics 2018 Odds

Who wins women's downhill during winter olympics 2018?

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Downhill is a variation of alpine skiing where speeds are relatively high. Generally speaking, downhill is considered to be the next fastest ski sport after Super-G. It is said that downhill combines all the six components of skiing. Which are considered to be skill, courage, speed, risk taking, physical ability and metal awareness. It's understandable since the speeds often are around 130 km/h. And during the Winter Olympic Games of 2018 in Yongpyong and Jeongseon in Pyeongchang in South Korea, downhill will surely be a crowd pleaser.

In comparison to other alpine skiing events, downhill has everything to do with technique and stamina. The skiers only get one race and it's of great importance to know the path in advance. That's why skiers, and their trainers, get to inspect the path before the actual race. Ever since the first downhill race appeared during the 1936 Winter Olympic Games, it has come to be considered one the most extreme aspects of alpine skiing.

For women, the slope is somewhat longer measuring 450 to 800 meters. The most successful female skier, Annemarie Moser-Pröll, has with thirty six wins and seven titles been a trend setter. Due to the high speeds and great risks, it has often been discussed whether or not the existing regulations should be adjusted. Those who suggest more strict regulations often receive criticism from the people who consider the sport in its current form to have both a tradition and the perfect combination of high speed and acceptable risk. But no matter opinion, the sport has reached a level where costs are great. This has in turn put high demands on sponsorship and the need to become a celebrity is more prevalent with todays skiers. Some feel that this detracts from actual skiing, others feel that it's a sign of the fact that downhill has become popular.