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Online Gambling 101 - From the Creation to Its Success Story

The Introduction

Can't think of anyone who doesn't like to win some extra cash now and again? And, if you happen to be an avid gamer or love a wager, then online casinos are your go-to place.

But, it wasn't always so easy to step into a casino and place a bet at your favorite gambling game. You see, traditional casinos were grand, with gilded furnishings and decor, and umpteen gambling games as well as slots.

But, all this galore and glitz came with a hefty price tag. And, that meant that no regular Joe could walk in and place a bet. Traditional casinos had minimum restrictions placed upon most games. And, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry were welcome to waltz into one.

To this day, these casinos have enormous overhead costs to cover. And, so most of the old rules are still very much in place. Albeit, more visitors are encouraged to stroll in now, with the hope that they'll try their luck at the slots.

However, with the hectic schedules that we have today, everyone can't take time out to visit a casino anytime they want to make a bet. Well, times have changed, and so has technology.

So, now gamers and gamblers alike can win at a pokie from the luxury of their homes. Before we go into how the casinos managed to enter into the privacy of your homes, let's see how the traditional casinos evolved into online casinos.

The History Of Online Gambling

As we mentioned earlier, avid gamblers were finding it difficult to take time out to splurge on their betting fetish. A solution had to be found that would allow gamers to place their bets from home, and have a similar experience as the one gamblers had in a casino.

Thus, we find the gurus of computer programming and the brainpower of the gambling industry came together and came up with the idea to launch online casinos.

How did the concept go down with the financiers of this revolutionary project? Suffice it to say they were not pleased. It was way too risky a venture. Yet, the 'thinking tank' of the project convinced the entrepreneurs that the profits would be monumental, once the idea took hold in the minds of the gamers.

And, they were spot-on with their predictions. Online casinos were a phenomenal success the moment it came into the market. Lavish and colorful websites and the vast number of games had gamers enthralled.

But, how did all of this become a reality? For you to understand how online casinos became a possibility, you'll have to go through the computerization of slots.

The History Of Slots

Online casinos would never have been a possibility if it weren't for electronic slots. It was only when these slots were running on microprocessors that the machine could handle the higher volume of funds, paying in and out.

The next step forward was the Random Number Generator - an exceptional computer program designed to come up with random outcomes on a slot machine.

The age-old lever went out of fashion, new symbols, icons, and themes were in, and even the progressive jackpot game stepped into the scenario.

Naturally, gamblers all over the world were rendered speechless. So, were the naysayers of electronic slots or online casinos.

Online Casinos

The internet age was well into the picture, so it was a simple transformation to go from electronic slots to the online casino.

Yet, you must know that it wasn't the slots that were part of online casinos in the beginning.

No, online slots came in later. The venture capitalists hoped that they would reap tremendous profits with online casinos. But, this wish manifested itself with the introduction of slots on online slots.

Before we go further, let's take a look at some of the advantages that the gamers of online casinos enjoy.


It would be foolish to believe that gamblers enjoyed the same experience on online casinos as they did in traditional casinos.

But, the gamers of online casinos did relish unprecedented benefits from online casinos that traditional casinos could not possibly offer- gambling from the comforts of the couch and in their PJs.

No more did one have to take leave from work, dress up in their Sunday best and take a trip to have fun, wagering on a few pokies.

Most Games Under One Roof

Electronic slots did boost newer themes and symbols. But, did they stand a chance against their contemporary counterparts - the online slots? Nope, it was ridiculous to try to compare.

Not only did online casinos have traditional gambling games galore - baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, or even bingo. The sheer number of slot games with a variety of themes, concepts, icons, and symbols was incomparable to traditional casinos.

Promotional Offers

No one can ever brag about a time when they walked into a casino and started playing at the gambling tables, without handing out some cash first.

Well, that's the charm of online casinos to which stakers and players are inevitably drawn. You can start playing many free games. And, then you get bonuses for registering with a specific online casino.

There is a plethora of rewards and bonuses offered to gamers that include free spins, avatars, and much more. And, if that wasn't enough, you get loyalty points, so the more money you put in and the more you play, the better your rewards.

Choose The Stakes You Want

The idea of 'choosing the stakes you want' is alien to traditional casinos. It's simply not viable for land-based casinos to do that as they have many fixed as well as variable costs to cover.

But, online casinos have the liberty to pass to their customers many benefits as the costs of running an online casino is marginally lower than that of land-based casinos.

You even get treated to free games when you visit an online casino. That's the 'golden hello' of online casinos. And, it's hard to imagine anyone saying no to such a treat?

Freedom Of Movement

Online gambling first came to your personal computers. Thus, you could play from home. But, that still restricted movement. Until smartphones and the internet were married.

Bang! Everything seemed possible after that. Gamers could now play anywhere or everywhere they wanted. You could play on the bus, at lunch hour, and if the teacher wasn't watching even during class.

Access To The World

The internet has turned the world into your playground. So, you can play wherever you want, and with whomever you want, even if it's a friend thousands of miles away.

Now, online casinos create the perfect opportunity to make friends with people from across the globe.  Most recently, live dealer games have become the rage.

Thus, you meet new people, make new friends, get a live dealer to run your games, and enjoy a real-life casino experience.

So, we're hoping that after all that you've read, you'll understand the reason behind the resounding success of online gambling.

Initially, there were rumors about online casinos, relating to fraud, unsafe payment methods, and such. However, seeing that the online casino industry has flourished multifold, these fallacies died a natural death.

And, you come across many reputable online casinos that offer exceptional services, along with a staggering amount of incredible games.

In Comes Betfred With Nifty Fifty

Since we're on the subject of online gambling market leaders, it isn't possible not to mention Betfred. Originally it was a bookmaker in the UK, established in 1967.

Now, it is a pioneer when it comes to online casinos in the United Kingdom. And, Nifty Fifty is Betfred's hot new addition where you can easily be a part of the biggest lotto draws in a week.

If you're new to Betfred, which is a rarity as every avid gamer knows of it, you can even qualify for its welcome offers. And, you'll have the experience of a lifetime. Not to mention the excessive amount of money that you may as well end up winning.

But, as much as Betfred encourages having a great time and trying out your luck. So, it does educate its players to practice moderation.

You'll find that gamers are advised to gamble responsibly.

Is it even a possibility to gamble, and then do so responsibly? Well, it most certainly can be done. You see, at Betfred, you're recommended to play for fun.

Gamble For Entertainment Purposes Only

Betfred has been in the business for quite a while. Hence, you can say that knows what makes the players tick. And, it is also aware of many gamblers who come onto to recover losses or try to make an income through gambling.

The idea of trying to win a monthly income or overcome debts through wagering is a common concept. But, it's not a smart way to make money. It's an easy and fast way to win a quick buck. But, one wrong move can mean a loss.

Never Ever Borrow

There are those foolish enough to believe that casinos are there for minting money. Online casinos are recreational purposes only. Thus, you are encouraged to play for fun.

And, you can never have fun playing with someone's money. And, if you do lose in certain circumstances, then you'll not only have to deal with losing the game but also have to pay up your debt.

Never Play Non-Stop

Unfortunately, many gamers get addicted to playing games. Not only is it a hazard for your well-being, bad for your eyes, detrimental to your motor skills but may well spell disaster for your financial stability too.

Also, playing non-stop does not make you proficient. Instead, it only kills the quality time that you ought to spend with your friends and family.

Therefore, you should always set a time that you spend playing games on your smartphone or your PC. As far as it helps you to relax and unwind after a tiring day's work, it's all good. But, the moment you find yourself glued to a screen for long hours is the moment you should take a break.

Never Gamble When Your Mental Faculty Is Compromised

Sounds all too serious, but it is actually a good idea to stay away from gambling if you're drunk, doped, depressed, or even under emotional duress.

Yes, it's about luck. But, you can hone your gambling skills to point you in the direction of bigger wins. Anytime you try to bet when you're woozy, you can be sure of losing your bet.

Betfred loves nothing more than to please its customers. It encourages online betting, everything from sports to lotto and poker. Nonetheless, it does want to side with caution when you do gamble.

In Conclusion

We're hoping that the article helps you comprehend the dynamics of the online gambling world. If you still have queries relevant to slots or gambling, the best place to find some answers is the internet.

Or, you could just try out Betfred and get to know the mechanics of most of the gambling games available. You may even end up refining your betting skills from some of the tips you'll get from the research that you do about slots.

In the meantime, it's smart to stay home and stay safe. And if you really are bored out of your mind, then try out the free games at Betfred for some fun. It's a great way to pass some time, and make some cool friends.