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Overwatch Contenders 2019: The Gauntlet odds

Who wins the Overwatch Contenders 2019: The Gauntlet?

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What You Need to Know About Overwatch Contenders 2019: The Gauntlet

As the year 2019 begins to wrap up, we start to enter the season of championships and final tournaments. It is the season where dreams are made - or crushed - on the pitch, and this year’s Overwatch Contenders 2019: The Gauntlet will be no different than the rest.

It’s almost that time of the year again and no, we’re not talking about Christmas. It’s time for the Overwatch Contenders 2019: The Gauntlet, one of the world’s largest tournaments for Blizzard’s smash-hit arena shooter and features the best of tier-two teams from around the world competing to see just who is the best out there.

Season 2 is wrapping up now and the top contenders have emerged. From North America, we have Team Envy, XL2 Academy, ATL Academy, and Gladiators Legion. Team Envy dominated with an absolutely amazing 7-0 season with team additions Seb “numlocked” Barton and Hafþór “Hafficool” Hákonarson filling in the performance gap left in the wake of the promotion of Ashley “Trill” Powell to the Overwatch League. According to DOTeSports.

ATL Academy, meanwhile, only posted one loss this Contenders season with roster standouts such as Steven “Kodak” Rosenberger who helped lead the team to victory and helped demonstrate to the world its renown for versatility on the playing field. It will help them, too, as they are facing some absolutely stellar competition this season.

The West and East’s XL2 Academy and Gladiators Legion finished second in their brackets. XL2 is overcoming some roster changes while Gladiators Legion has the distinction of being the only team to defeat ATL Academy this season. In China, LGE.Huya defeated Team CC to move on to the Gauntlet while Talon eSports extended their reign over the Pacific region with stars such as Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong and Ubon “oPuTo” Dara helming a team that is renown for its excellence.

For Europe, HSL eSports will be the contender with players like Mads “fischer” Jehg and Ilya “Txao” Makarov leading the charge for that roster. Korea’s three entries should be finalized by September 1 and announced thereafter. This year’s grand prize pool is some $250,000 per initial reports.

The Gauntlet consists of 10 teams in group stages and, later, a double-elimination bracket according to Liquipedia. Eight of the ten teams that arrive are split into groups of four teams respectively. North American and Korean champions do not participate in the group stage with matches decided by a tie breaker.

Each grouping is a double elimination bracket with the bottom team eliminated in a first to three format. The Finals are double elimination with a roster of 8 teams in a first to three format except for the winners’, losers’, and Gauntlet finals which are a first to four format.

Given how competitive Overwatch is, The Gauntlet should be an interesting showcase of up and coming talent as well as a preview of what we can expect later.



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