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Overwatch World Cup 2018 odds

Who wins the Overwatch World Cup 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Overwatch World Cup 2018 is a major event for the Esports world. There were qualifying matches that took place all over the world, from Paris to Bangkok, Los Angeles and Incheon. Now we are entering the playoffs that will basically let us figure out who will finally with this event for the year. The finals take place in Anaheim during the Blizzcon event, so it will totally be an action packed and fun experience that you will surely enjoy and appreciate quite a lot.

Which are the competitors?

The final 8 have finally been revealed. And you might imagine that there are quite a lot of great teams in here. But there are also some newcomers too, which is pretty exciting. First, you have France, as well as Canada, China and Finland. Then you have the UK, USA, South Korea and Australia. In order to keep things fair, the first-place teams will have random matches between themselves and the other teams as well.

Which are the first-tier teams? That would be China, USA, South Korea and France. The interesting thing is that all these matches will be showcased live at various times.

Are there any rule changes when compared to last year?

No, thankfully rules are pretty much the same, so you know exactly what you are getting into. They made sure that most games take place afternoon during day one, but the final day will be a long one, with matches starting early morning and then continuing until late in the evening.

Who is the favorite for Overwatch World Cup 2018?

That’s hard to say at this time. Every team in this group has worked very hard to reach this level, so it will be very hard to pick a favorite. Right now South Korea is a major favorite for a lot of fans. However, the US and France played super well during their matches, so it’s nice to see how this will all go. A lot of people expect the Overwatch World Cup 2018 to end with an Asian team winning, based on how they played. China in particular is a major force to be reckoned with, not to mention the great track record that South Korea has at this time. One thing is certain, if you like watching Overwatch competitions, the Overwatch World Cup 2018 is set to be one amazing experience that you do not want to miss.

Maybe the best thing about Overwatch World Cup 2018 is that it continually pushes the boundaries with excitement and fun. The newly added characters bring in more complexity to the game, so even if there were some amazing strategies last year, those might not work this time around. So we are bound to see some great strategies and lots of action packed gameplay. If you play Overwatch often and want to see the pros at work or if you want to cheer for your country competing here, you should totally give the Overwatch World Cup 2018 a shot. You can watch the finals starting with the 2nd of November!


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