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Payment methods available at fast payout casinos

Wagering on real money games at casinos

Once you make it to an online gambling site and decide on playing some slot or table games, is not time to choose your banking method or as it is know the payment method. You can play for fun at some sites, however if you would like to play for real money at fast payout casinos, you need an e-wallet.

So what does the process of depositing at an online casino look like?

-       Login to your player account

-       Head over to the cashier

-       Select your payment method of choice

-       Enter the amount that you wish to deposit

-       Select the currency and hit the deposit button.

If you have a look at the above list you will see that one of the points mentions ‘ select the payment method of choice’. The good news is that, nowadays there are many payment methods that you can choose from, and most casinos have already partnered up with such payment methods. The casino would need to have stuck a deal with the payment method to offer it, and some payments available would even be country specific depending where you are located in the world.

Today we look at the most common payment methods available, to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next payment methods at fast payout casinos. Once we bring you the information about payment methods, you can sign up for your e-wallet of choice and enjoy the perks that each one brings to the table.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

We use our credit cards and debits cards for everyday life needs, and this also includes for delving into some fun gambling.  Almost all gambling sites, casinos and sports online bookies accept both credit cards and debit cards, yet this does not mean that all Visa and Mastercard are virtually accepted. For example American Express and Diner Club cards are not always accepted, and if you are located in the UK and want to enjoy some gambling, credit cards providers have a legal obligation to decline all transactions related to gambling.

If you are funding your gambling with credit card or debit cards, the funds to use and play will be available immediately. Just a small heads up, when you opt for a specific payment method at a casino, you can have the funds withdrawn to the same method, even if it is a credit card or debit card.  For bank cards, you might need to work up to 5 working days to get your funds.

If you are located in the US, just like in the UK, your cards might get declined if you use it for gambling purposes.

Wire Transfer / Bank Transfer

Some other banks will also allow you to use wire or bank transfers to fund your player account. Normally players who use this payment method, will use this due to the following:

-       Transferring a large sum of money.

-       If using a credit card is not an option

-       If you want to keep all your information safe and not divulge any bank account details to the casino.

If we had to highlight a con to using these payment methods, it is the timescales that are involved, and just like using credit cards, it might also take up to 5 working days.

Many people are not quite sure on how wire transfers actually work, and in reality, they are very very simple to use. First and foremost, a wire transfer is a transfer between one bank to another , hence you would need to get the other bank details.  Once you make the transfer, the funds will be allocated to your player account and you can start playing.


One of the most convenient and most reliable sources of payments to fund your fast payout casino, is definitely with an e -wallet.  To open a said e-wallet you would need to go on the site of the said e-wallet and open it from there. Some e-wallets like Skrill also offer you the facility of having a virtual or an actual card to use, which also make things more convenient for you in case you would like to use this for everyday use also.

If you are a gambler that is subscribed to more than 1 casino, an e-wallet would be the best option for you.  When it comes to e-wallet there are many popular options for you out there, but the below are the ones we deem are the most popular and most reputable.

-       Skrill (Known as Moneybookers prior to re-branding)

-       Paypal

-       NetEller

If you happen to be in the USA, and would like to fund your player account, you might find some issues with the above listed e-wallets, as Neteller and Skrill are not operational in the US, and Paypal has always taken a stance to ban any gambing transactions.

Prepaid Cards and Other Vouchers

Innovation has taught us that credit cards can be prepaid today, and these can also fund your gambling player accounts. The following type of gamblers would normally fuse prepaid cards or vouchers as a payment method:

-       Players who live in the US.

-       Players who do not have a  credit card

-       Players who prefer not to have an e-wallet.

In case you want to learn the ins and outs of how to use such such payments, they are very simple.  You just need to purchase the prepaid card or voucher and use it as it was a normal credit card. Simple.  Just keep in mind that you can deposit the maximum fund available on your voucher, and this method normally does not accept any deposits of your winning funds.

Money Transfers

Back in the day, Money Transfers were quite popular with everyone, nowadays not so much. Due to the fact that this method is quite complicated and time consuming, it is not a favourite amongst gamblers.  Most gamblers located in the US, use this method to keep their identity private and because other options are limited.


Not a conventional way to fund your gambling account, but definitely an option for you.  Using a check is simple, you just need to fill in all the information and just post the check to the company.  As you might envisage, this would be a bit of a long process, to post, arrive, processing etc.

Checks are regarded as safe as there is no personal information listed on the said document, however the process is lengthy.

Depositing Funds at an Online Casino FAQs

We have collected some of the most common questions gamblers have related to depositing funds at a fast payout casino. Let’s have a look.

What is the best payment method to use?

This is a question that many gamblers ask us, and there is no right or wrong answer to this.  If you had to ask our honest opinion, we’d always settle for an e-wallet as this is the most straightforward and trust worthy process.  Some payment methods might impose charges, others might not. We always advise, whatever works for you is best.

Is depositing online safe and reliable?

Almost all fast payout casinos are encrypted with SSL and also encryption that does not make any of your personal account information vulnerable.  Casinos and they depositing process is 100% safe and also reliable.

How much money can I deposit?

Every casino and online platform would have a minimum and a maximum amount of money that you can deposit to your player account. Since each casino varies in amounts, we would suggest that you always look at the payment section to know the exact amounts you can deposit / withdraw.

What are the fees involved?

Normally online casinos do not charge you when you want to make a deposit to the platform, however this all depends on the casino that you are playing at.  We always suggest that you like the Payments section to keep track of charges and fees.