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Pole Vault women European Championships odds

Who wins Women's Pole Vault?

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Athletics for Women: Pole Vault


A major jumping event, the participants vault over a four-point-five-metre long horizontal bar by sprinting along a runway and jamming a pole against the back of a recessed metal box. The aim is to clear the greatest height without dislodging the bar.

All participants get 3 chances/height, although if they choose to, they can advance to a greater height without clearing the current one. A participant can face elimination if he/she faces 3 consecutive failures either at the same or at a combination of heights.

If 2 participants get tied on the same height, the one with the fewest failures at that height will be declared the winner. If that does not solve the problem, than the one with the fewest failures across the entire competition will be declared the winner. Even if that fails to solve the problem than a jump-off will decide the winner.

The Past:

The event's (originally for distance) origins can be traced back to the sixteen century, as for modern vaulting, well it came into existence during the mid 19th Century in Germany, where it was adopted by a gymnastic association.

The bamboo poles first recorded use was in 1857. It was in the 1940s, when the top vaulters started using flexible fibreglass and steel poles, and later carbon fibre, poles started to be widely used in the late 1950s.

Gold Standard:

The women’s version of the event came on to the World Championships programme in '99 and 1st appeared at the Olympic Games in '00. Both contests were won by the United States vaulter Dragila.


Yelena Isinbayeva

She won gold medals at the '04 and '08 Olympics and at the '05 and '07 World Championships. She's the current world record holder in the event and was the female Athlete of the Year in '04, '05 and '08.

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