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Positive Effects of Horse Riding on the Ability to Learn and That’s Why

When we think of improving our learning, we might imagine expansive libraries adorned in mahogany with shelves of books piled high into the rafters. But have you considered alternative methods? And no, this doesn’t involve Apache herbs or snake oil. How about the benefits of horse riding? Before you write this text off for craziness, a scientific report indicates that equestrian activities improve the brains cognitive ability.

But there are other benefits, particularly with emotional support and mental health which we’ve detailed below. So are you ready to learn about a fascinating way to become a better student and find your zen moment at the same time? Then the next step is to book a trip to the local stable, saddle up and tap into the wisdom of a favourite pasttime.

Health Benefits of Owning a Horse

First, studies have shown that the movement of a horse creates vibrations. These vibrations trigger impulses in the brain to improve memory and problem solving. Not to mention they also promote better behaviors. These effects were more notable with children compared with adults, but there are other factors riding people can experience at any age.

Horses reduce stress. Much psychological research has documented how equine-therapy releases endorphins, serotonin in particular, to reduce stress and improve your mood. You can see for yourself that even spending a short time with these animals, you’ll feel more relaxed and in better spirits. Bonding with your new friend will also give you a sense of gratitude. Horses can be a lot of work to care for, but the act of doing so is a feeling of accomplishment which boosts your self esteem.

Another important physical health benefits of owning a horse is that experts believe riding also has positive effects on blood-pressure. This benefit isn’t realized immediately, but in time you’ll notice the results. High blood-pressure is known as a silent killer and can cause havoc on your body if it goes undetected. With all these health benefits it’s surprising not everyone indulges in these activities. Some may ask if caring for these animals is a lot of work. While some work is involved, it is the right type of work.

Caring for Horses Is Fulfilling

Now you may think that adding some duties would be a stress factor, but these chores are in fact one of the benefits of owning a horse. Unlike mundane activities such as housework or taking out the garbage, caring for a horse increases your self esteem as you bond with each other. Horse riding involves brushing its coat, feeding it, spending time with it and yes, mucking out the stall. But these tasks are more hanging out with friends and socializing.

If you’ve never been around horses before, you’re in for a good surprise. Horses are very personable and some have strong characters. This is a true bonding experience. As you spend more time with horses, you’ll pick up on each others personalities and habits. Did you know a horse also judges a human’s character? Horses will behave differently depending on who is riding it. So be sure to give your horse a good brushing and some apples before you hop on. So now that we’ve covered all the health benefits, how does this add up to being a better learner?

Can Equestrian Services Help with Uni?

The short answer is yes. In our digital age, information has become so readily available, the temptation of laziness in the UK is in high gear. So many online distractions such as social media and online gaming have created a brain-rot endemic. This creates a lot of stress for students which can lead to depression and procrastination. As if university weren’t difficult on its own accord.

Writing an essay and reading literature have become too burdensome students are already overworked. Which is all the more reason to get yourself out of the books and onto one of natures finest creatures. Many riding people use a custom literature review writing service to free up time for the activities they enjoy. Finding yourself short on time, is a part of being a student and is a cause for stress. So instead of contributing to it with a literature review due now, you can ease your tension out on the trails or around a riding ring and writing service will always help you.


If you’re looking to keep your health in the best condition and improve your grades, look no further than the service of your local stable. The benefits of equestrian riding will improve your health, increase your confidence, raise your spirits and give you a can do attitude. Not to mention you will make a friend for life. So the next time your college duties just won’t go away, take a break and bond with one of the world’s most interesting animals.


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