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Racing around the online Slots

It’s no secret that the world of casino games is ever-evolving. In recent decades, with the invention of the internet, casino gaming has taken the leap to become a digital option as well as physical.

As technology has advanced further, and smartphones have risen in popularity, accessing your favourite casino games has never been as accessible as it is today. It’s now possible to play your game of choice anywhere you like, as long as you have a strong and reliable internet connection, allowing you to play here, there or anywhere you desire.

With this in mind, we wanted to explore one slot game that’s evolved itself, blending two popular things together, to create a game like no other on the virtual casino floor.

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Derby Wheel

What if we told you there’s a game found on the online casino floor, that merges both the spirit of gameshows, with the excitement of horse racing, all wrapped up into one slot game? Well, it’s true!

There’s a game available to players seeking just this, called the Derby Wheel.

As you enter the game, you’ll notice it’s designed to look like you’re in a gameshow studio, with an audience sitting on either side of the game grid comprised of three reels and three rows. The game grid itself, at first glance, looks as though it’s paying homage to the classic fruit machine. This is even more apparent when looking at the neon-lit symbols.


The symbols within this gameshow set slot spin into play, whilst nodding to the past and some of the symbols used in the first slot machines ever created. Spinning into action, you’ll find symbols such as:

  • A lemon.
  • Two cherries attached by a joining stem.
  • A plum.
  • The classic BAR.
  • Lucky red seven.
  • Half a gameshow wheel with a horse and its rider riding out of the other side of the missing gameshow wheel – this is the scatter symbol of the game.

As you may have noticed, Derby Wheel doesn’t feature a wild symbol, however, the scatter symbol holds the potential to activate the bonus features hidden within the reels.

Bonus Features

As mentioned above, the scatter symbol is the key to unlocking the bonus features of this slot. When you land three scatters on the wheel in a single spin, the symbols will fuse together to create the fortune wheel.

The wheel itself is made up of segments alternating between the horse racing bonus feature and the big wheel bonus feature.

Wherever the marker lands when spun, will determine which snooker bonus game you’ll be playing.

Horse racing feature

This bonus feature has two ways of being activated – the fortune wheel or on the Big Wheel feature.

Once the bonus feature opens, you can select up to three horses before the virtual race begins. Each horse can award up to 2,239x your wager in prizes.

The prizes are multiplied if multiple horses are selected and finish in the exact order you chose.

However, if you wish to skip the races altogether, you can skip the bet and be awarded 40x your wager as a prize for unlocking the bonus feature.

The possible outcomes you can choose from are:

  • Trifecta – pick the first, second and third horse in the exact order – a 2239x your wager prize is attached to this option.
  • Exacta – pick the first and second horse in the correct order – a 1800x your wager prize is attached to this option.
  • Win – pick the winning horse – a 800x your wager prize is attached to this option.
  • No bet – skip the race – a 40x your wager prize is attached to this option.

Big Wheel feature

This bonus feature is activated by the fortune wheel and allows you one spin of the big wheel. the prizes up for grabs within this wheel include prizes such as multipliers and entry to the Horse Racing feature.


Will you activate the fortune wheel on your next spin of the Derby Wheel?


Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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