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Russia World Cup 2018


Russia at World Cup: Stage of Elimination

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Russia is arguably the most controversial country in the planet. So it is not shocking at all that there is controversy surrounding Russia’s hosting of the 2018 world cup. But ignoring all the controversial elements surrounding Russia the country, we are going to talk about Russia’s national football team. Football is not regarded as the biggest sport by many Russians. But at the 2018 world cup event, even the absolute haters of the sport will be a big supporter of the Russian national football team. The reason behind it is pride. Russian people want to be regarded as the best in every situation. When the next world cup comes knocking at its doorstep, it will surely be their time to shine. Because there is no way Russia won’t give more than 100% in the world cup which will be played in its backyard.

The biggest advantage the Russian National football team has over other countries is their home advantage. Historically the host teams have always been able to perform well above the expectation. And nothing is suggesting that Russia will not be able to do the same. Because with the level of support of the home side at its peak, players are sure to give their all for their nation. Moreover, Russia will also have an additional bonus unlike other host teams. And that is the environment. Unlike most countries, Russia is much colder than usual. Thus every opposition team has always had trouble playing their best game. On the other hand, what seems harsh to others will seem like normal to Russians. So just considering the support and environment, Russia has more than enough help to shock the world.

No matter how preferable the surroundings are, success depends on the players themselves. Because if they are not up to mark, there will be no one to capitalize on their advantage. Russia’s national team doesn’t have a bunch of world beaters. But it has a great group of players who are eager to showcase their talent. Russia’s most of the players are at the pick stage of their career, and they know that the next world cup will be the pinnacle of their footballing career. So not only are their body at its peak but also their mindset is at the right place. Moreover, among all the experienced players there is a good mixture of future superstars. Their addition will mean that the team has an extra dose of enthusiasm.

So all in all, everything points to Russia having a great world cup campaign. With a little bit of tactics and form, they may become the dark horse of the tournament just like they did at the UEFA Euro 2008.


Russia v Saudi Arabia

Russia 1.30

Draw 4.75

Saudi Arabia 12.00


All odds quoted are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.