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Secrets behind slot strategy

Whether it’s a high roller clearing up at the blackjack table or a shark taking a huge pot in a tense game of poker, it’s easy for casino visitors to try and live up to the hard and fast image and jump straight onto a table to try and win big. However, there is a casino staple which sometimes gets overlooked; the humble slot machine. Even though many walk past these casino classics and straight towards the main gaming floor, there are still great chances to beat the casino by using some tried and tested tips to empty the machines.

Slot machines have been around since the late 1800s, when American pioneers like Charles Frey developed mechanical machines based on poker that allowed players to wager coins on the outcome of set wheels. Slot machines became a staple in gambling parlours and early casinos across America, particularly on the frontier, before being exported to countries around the world. The traditional 3 reel mechanical machines are now all but phased out, with video machines and themed online games replacing the cherries, horseshoes and liberty bells that adorned the first slots.

Slot machines may seem like a pointless endeavour, with machines ‘fixed’ to ensure the casino always wins. Although it can be easy to feed coins into a machine without many pay-outs in return, there are some not so obvious strategies that will prevent players from losing their coins too quickly or walking away without a profit.

One key action before you start spinning the reels is to check the RTP (Return To Player) percentage. This is the amount the machine will pay out for every wager made and is of course designed so that the machine will not pay out more than it makes. Some online slot machines will have very good rates, often around 90%-95%, but machines in physical casinos may offer a worse RTP as they will have overheads that need to be covered. Make sure you are playing on a machine which has the best RTP you can find, even if that means the jackpot is a little lower. You will end up winning more in the long run.

If offered, always choose machines with a progressive jackpot. If someone else manages to win big, sometimes casinos will reset the jackpot to zero and let it build up depending on how much a group of machines makes. Progressive jackpots grow the more time you spend playing and don’t reset, as they are designed to entice individual players. Use the odds to your advantage when choosing which progressive jackpot to aim for and go for something that might just be attainable.

It’s easy to get carried away, feeding coins into machines and wagering the maximum possible to try and get a quick win. Slot machines are supposed to offer hours of fun and spending your bankroll too quickly is depressing no matter what you are gambling on. Try having a limit on what you wager with each spin and limit your time on specific machines before trying a different one. If it doesn’t pay out more than you have put in after 15 minutes for example, try a different one and with plenty of great themed machines to play on especially through online slots market leader such as winkslots you’ll never get bored of spinning those reels.

Although this rule applies to gambling in general, it’s also a great slot strategy. Impose limits on both your time and your money. Slot machines are designed to keep you playing as long as possible, but this means you will only ever achieve a reduced return on your efforts. Setting aside a specific amount that you’d be happy to lose or cutting off at a certain time means that if you manage to be up at that point of the evening, it will stay that way.

Although it’s easy to stick to the casino games that offer big wins and excitement, why not try your luck at the unsung heroes of the gaming world. Playing online is a great way to try it out, with better win percentages, bigger jackpots and the added bonus of not having to leave the house!