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odds Eurovision semi-final 1

The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is scheduled to take place in International Exhibition Centre, Kiev, Ukraine on 9 May. Besides the countries which will be competing for a place in the Grand Final, Italy, Spain and the UK will also vote in this semi-final which is composed by 2 shows: first show on 8 May which will not be publicaly broadcasted in which only the juries will vote and the broadcasted one on 9 May. Based on the televoting and jury voting results of these countries, 10 contestants will qualify for the Grand Final. 

This semi-final marks the comeback of 2 artist on the Eurovision stage. Omar Naber will return to represent Slovenia after previously representing the country in 2005 with the song “Stop”, which failed to qualify for the final. The SunStroke Project will return to represent Moldova after previously representing their country in 2010 alongside Olia Tira with the song “Run Away”, which placed 22nd in the final.

Portugal is also between the 18 participating countries, this country making the return after being absent from 2016 contest. Australia has also been drawn to sing in the first half of this semi-final, the non-European country aiming to keep the percent of qualification rate to 100% after it already managed to get through qualification for the first time last year in Stockholm.

An important fact about this semi-final is the geo-political televoting which will most probably affect the ranking at the end of the show. Well, there is to know that Finland, Iceland and Sweden are all 3 here, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania will also exchange some points, as well as Greece and Cypus. Also to note is that Spain votes in the semi-final in which Portugal is involved and all the Caucasian countries are here, Georgia being the most advantaged one as it is very likely that Armenia will not give any point to Azerbaijan and vice-versa.

While is very hard to predict the 10 qualifiers for the final, it is to mention that this semi-final includes some of the countries rated with big chances of winning the contest and hosting the next year’s festival. Australia’s Isaiah with ”Don’t Come Easy”, Belgium’s Blanche with ”City Lights”, Azerbaijan’s Dihaj with ”Skeletons”, Sweden’s ”I Can’t Go On” and Porugal’s Salvador Sobral with ”Amar pelos dois” are all, besides being taken as sure qualifiers, with important chances of winning the contest.

17 of the 18 songs in this semi-final will be fully sing in English language, Portugal’s entry being the only one which will be performed in a different language: Portuguese.

Ten of the 18 countries qualified last year from the semi-finals. The countries that have the fewer chances to qualify in the Grand Final include Albania, Montenegro (both of them are going to perform in the first half of the show), Czech Republic and Slovenia, the last 2 of them could get an advantage from performing between the last which was proven in the past years to rise the chances of qualifying.

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