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Eurovision 2018 2nd semi final

It’s one of the most famous song contests in the world watched by more than 200million people, providing hours of entertainment and some unforgettable performances. The Eurovision song contest is gearing up for 2018.

Towards the end of 2017, it was confirmed that 43 countries will take part in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Lisbon in early May – the Final will take place on Saturday 12th May, with the two semi-finals to take place on Tuesday 8th May and Thursday 10th May. The line up of countries is very similar to that for the 2017 contest, which involved 42 countries. Before the draw, the participating countries were sorted into 6 pots. As a brief summary, Pot One contains the Balkan countries and Switzerland. Pot Two has the Nordics and Ireland while Pot Three contains all Eastern European countries. Pot Four travels down from Hungary through to Cyprus. Pot Five is a number of leftover, more Western-leaning countries, and finally Pot Six contains the three Baltics, Belgium, Netherlands and Poland.

Portugal has chosen four female hosts for this year’s Song Contest – TV presenter and 2017 Portuguese Jury spokesperson Filomena Cautela, the country’s Strictly Come Dancing, Masterchef, Top Chef and Portugal’s Got Talent host Sílvia Alberto, NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah (who grew up in Portugal) and TV presenter and actress Catarina Furtado.

Eighteen countries will participate in the second semi-final. At the request Italian broadcaster broadcaster RAI, and following approval from the Reference Group, the governing body of the Eurovision Song Contest, Italy will broadcast and vote in the Second Semi-Final on Thursday 10th May. France and Germany were drawn to vote in the Second Semi-Final. Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal will vote in the First Semi-Final.

The second show, the one Australia is one, shows a whole different perspective. The first country which is in the 50% qualifying rate region is Malta. Where Croatia is ranked fourth in the first semi final, we see Malta ranked a 12th in the second semi final. Countries that are usually present in the final of Eurovision such as Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark and Norway are all in the same show as Australia. What an evening this will be on the 10th of May…

There’s a number of things of note in the draw. Russia perform for the first time ever in the second semi-final — where they’re joined by Ukraine. Australia continue to draw the first half of their respective semi-finals, something they’ve done ever since joining the semi’s in 2016. Serbia and Montenegro, as well as Romania and Moldova also sit together in the second semi-final. Denmark, Norway and Sweden also are present in the second semi-final.

Back in 2016, the juries of Georgia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Australia, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary all gave Russia ‘nil-point’ in the final. Admittedly, their points were surprisingly much higher in the semi, but this suggests there is a deliberate or unconscious punishing of Russia. If Yulia performs a poorly as at some of her recent concerts, it it a big chance for Russia to miss the Grand Final.

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