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Serbian Superliga Odds

Serbian SuperLiga

Who wins Serbian SuperLiga 2017/2018?

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Serbian Super Liga 2017-2018 preview

The Serbian national championship, Jelen Super Liga is improving each year.

The clubs are investing more money in signings and also in youth academies and training grounds. But in spite of this, the gap between two of the biggest clubs in Serbia, Partizan and Red Star and the other ones is still significant.

This will be the primary characteristic in the upcoming year.

Although there are several teams which are threatening the duo mentioned above, still, they are far away from them.

The last year's champion Partizan, kept most of the squad and they are trying to add several more players who might help in their quest for the Champions League qualifications. The management has high hopes, and if they preserve the chemistry from the previous season, we might say that this team has a potential to cast a shadow on all previous generations in the last 20 years. Several very talented players are attractive for many European teams.

Everything will depend on the facts whether they manage to qualify for the Champions League or the Europa League. If they do not, some of the best players will leave for sure.

On the other hand, we have the Red Star, a team who lost already won title during the last season. It is known in Serbia, that this team has enormous support from the government and the political structures in this country, and despite all that logistic, they haven't managed to win any silverware in the previous year.

They are rebuilding the whole team at the moment and spending a lot of money for the Serbian circumstances, and we still do not know the limits of this team. A new coach, many new players, all this demand some time for the chemistry to develop.

Three other teams will be competing for the third place and the chance to show up in Europe.

Vojvodina, Cukaricki, and Napredak are the clubs which are trying to, as we previously said, close the gap between two leading clubs and the rest of the league.

Vojvodina has many gifted players, but the financial troubles are forcing them to sell the most talented at the beginning of the each season. Cukaricki has a fantastic youth academy, and it is a well-organized club with a potential to produce many national team members.

Napredak Krusevac is a club who was supposed to be in Europe already this summer, but it seems that the referees and some higher instances, decided that they can not show up in the international competitions. Just a few weeks ago the management of this team had sent several footages to UEFA in which we could see that they were robbed on several occasions. In the end, it turned out to be crucial for their place in the standings.

The management of Napredak has high ambitions, and they are investing a lot of money in the organization.

Regarding other clubs, they all have similar quality, and they will be fighting to avoid the relegation.

Partizan and Red Star will decide the new champion there is no doubt about that, and in our opinion, the reigning champions are closer to retain the title. As we previously said many things would depend on the European obligations because the Serbian clubs do not have enough players in the rotation to cover the battle on three sides.