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Should You Choose to Use Fractional or Decimal Betting Odds?

There are many decisions to make when you begin your life as a gambler. From which bookie you should use to how you will place your bets, what stakes to use and much more.

You will also have to choose how you view the odds on your betting website. Go back a couple of decades when people used to bet inside betting shops and the only choice was fractional, this is seen as the traditional method.

However, with the arrival of online betting, European bookmakers, and the betting exchanges, we are seeing decimal odds used more often by punters.

So, if you are starting out your betting career, should you choose to use fractional or decimal odds?

The Benefits of Fractional Odds

Fractional odds, as mentioned, are seen as the traditional method. These are used in betting shops, and also used at any events you attend, for example if you go to a big horse race like the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

If you intend to do any of those from time to time, it is probably best for you to stick with fractional odds, as you can use the same type of odds throughout your betting, whether it is online or in person.

The other benefit for using fractional odds is that almost all online bookmakers still have fractional odds as their default setting. This means you won’t need to change any of the settings you have with your bookmaker.

You will also be able to browse other bookmakers where you don’t have an account and check out their odds with ease, as they will also show fractional as the default setting when you go onto the page.

The Benefits of Decimal Odds

There is one huge benefit of using decimal odds, especially if you are new to betting and this is because they are easier to compare.

For example, fractional odds of 7/4, 9/5 and 39/20 are all very similar. But which one is the best? Comparing these three, for example, is not very easy to do.

As decimal odds they are 2.75, 2.80 and 2.95 so you can see that 2.95 is the highest of those. If you are comparing three different bookmakers when doing this, by having decimal odds as the default, you are quickly able to differentiate between them and go with the biggest.

Those who don’t understand fractional odds and can’t work them out quickly will struggle to find where the best odds are and may lose profit.

Decimal odds are great for those looking to cover all scenarios to guarantee profit which is also called ‘matched betting’. A small error here could cost you the chance to guarantee profit, so you need to be 100% sure you are getting the best odds available.

Our Conclusion

The choice between fractional and decimal is one that you can only make by yourself, as it really depends on the type of betting you are going to do.

If you are a horse racing fan and intend to head out to the meetings then learning fractional odds is certainly the best way for you to go. This will help you, as when you are away from betting online, you will need to know what they are.

However, if you only intend to bet online with your bookmaker and you are happy to change the settings over, the advantage of decimal odds is a big one, especially for new players.

When you are comparing prices or working out your winnings, decimal odds make things much easier for you when betting on things like the English Premier League.

It may not be the traditional way, but decimal offers an easier way for new punters to work things out when betting online.