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Sizzling Hot deluxe a fun way to earn

Getting some time to relax in this busy age often seems like a dream. As most of us are dealing with two or more jobs only to meet the requirements of our family. This is the reason that we often ignore to have some fun that makes us frustrated.

So to get you out of this misery Sizzling Hot has been developed to provide you a chance to earn some extra dollars while having fun.

Sizzling Hot

It is fiery with a combination of hot fruits and twinkling stars and their combination will make your account Sizzling Hot. There are many fruits that will provide you with a decent winning and the star will protect you from losing money. However, the real fun begins when you are able to combine the magic 7. As it will complete the streak and will provide you with the biggest reward.

How to play

In order to win you have to combine 5 similar symbols in a winning line. The winning pattern will be considered from left to right. In order to win there must be 3 matching symbols or 2 consecutive cherry symbols.

On the other hand, if you are able to land three consecutive stars you will win the promised reward regardless of the other symbols. It means that with Sizzling Hot there is no chance that you will lose the game.


Sizzling Hot has been developed with the following amazing features:

  • The winning ratio from Sizzling Hot is 95.6
  • It has been developed with strong codes that will keep your reward protected from cyber thefts
  • Whenever you want a payout simply click the paytable button

So start playing Sizzling Hot and earn the money without stressing out or doing any hard work. You can play Sizzling Hot even when you are traveling.