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SL Casino Riga - An Iconic Landmark for Those Who Love to Play

Rest in Riga is a great solution, because there is always entertainment for every taste. This is a true European capital with colorful old streets. There are many fashionable and original places, natural beauties, unique cafes and restaurants. Naturally, you will find dozens of museums and monuments in the city, each of which has an interesting history.

Nightlife will be no less saturated for you, as there are casinos, night clubs and discos in the Latvian capital. Recently, however, the city authorities have preoccupied themselves with the quality of services and among casinos only those complexes have remained that correspond to the VIP level. And SL Casino, which is a part of the Shangri La network, is truly a VIP venue that is chosen be respectable guests. This is one of the most interesting casinos in Latvia, which even demanding guests like.

It is very easy to find this casino: it is located in the very center of Riga in historical building where right now Grand Hotel Kempinski is located. The casino has its own entrance and a bright sign, it offers all classic games, modern slots and an opportunity to relax in the cozy sports bar. Several times a week jackpots are held here as well as entertainment programs for guests. Live music is a must-have component of a matchless atmosphere.

Game rooms are located on two floors. The ground floor is almost completely occupied by slot rooms with dozens of the best slot machines. By the way, when making bets in these games, regular guests accumulate bonus points that can be redeemed for additional games or used otherwise at their discretion. Also on the ground floor there is a sports bar with a very large map of various drinks. Exactly what you need to make a pleasant pause in the game.

The second floor of the casino is a common room with table games, a lounge area and a VIP club. Visitors can choose from ten tables with friendly dealers. There is American roulette, poker and blackjack. Do not be confused by the language barrier, dealers, hostesses and all staff speak several languages: Latvian, Russian and English.

VIP club X.O. is located in a separate room, access to which is opened only to a club cards holders. The club advantage is the ability to play with the highest possible stakes and fight for the largest winnings. Guests are guaranteed complete privacy and security, as well as exceptional privileges, such as business cars, accommodation in Kempinski, participation in private games.

Exclusively at SL Casino they serve Fresh Flow “Cosmos” eco-hookah. It is a fresh solution that combines modern design and a unique taste delivery system.

Special events and prize draws

Since SL Casino is a part of the Shangri La network, here, as in other units, themed evenings with performances by musicians, dancers and acrobats are held. Several times a week jackpots are raffled for guests in the amount of from several hundred to tens of thousands of euros. Every season special promotions include cars, Harley Davidson motorcycles and other exclusive prizes. And any casino visitor who made at least one bet and is present at the party can receive them.

Junket at SL Casino

As one of the best casinos in Riga, SL Casino offers its guests gaming tours. Buying chips for a specified amount, visitors receive a full pleasures package for free. The personal manager selects the best plane tickets in both directions, organizes transfer and accommodation in Kempinski. The price also includes food and drinks, Riga tours and participation in lotteries.

Learn more about the SL Casino work on the official website: sl-casino.lv