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Slalom World Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins slalom for men at Alpine World Ski Championships 2019?

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The most exciting and certainly most demanding ski events is slalom. Among the ski experts, the event itself is called „roulette“, because in many scenarios and events the favorites don’t tend to win this event. Even the slightest of error on the field can make you lose a hundred part of a second, causing you to drop significantly in the final rankings. The last World Championship saw Marcel Hirscher win the golden medal, who left the second placed skier by almost a whole second.

Marcel Hirscher continued that fine form throughout the next two years and is the main favorite for the golden medal in 2019 championship as well. Marcel Hirscher is the seven-time winner of the World cup and the five-time winner of Slalom event. His success is highly due to his high percentage of wins in technical events, such as slalom or giant slalom, where he won the most of his 58 wins in his career. The fact that he easily won two of the most demanding events last year highly speaks to that argument, that he is indeed a huge favorite for this event. He won nine slalom events last year, which is more than any other skier considered favorites for this event.

23-year old Norwegian skier Henrik Kristoffersen is probably the main Hirscher’s rival for the golden medal here. He is considered one of the best technically gifted skiers of his generation, which he proved during the last three seasons. He is the only one who managed to win the Slalom event besides Hirscher in the last six seasons, accomplishing this feat in 2016/2017 season. In the season before us, he managed to be on the podium for most of the events. Last World championship, Kristoffersen finished fourth. Although still relatively young, he already managed 15 wins in his career, meaning he could be on a rise from next year on.

The Olympic champion from 2018 Andre Myhrer is highly tipped to compete for another season, despite being 35 years old. He showed that in PyeongChang, winning the golden medal. Myhrer certainly showed that to him age is just a number and he could go on to interfere on the podium and possibly cause an upset to the leading two skiers. He has the experience and calmness to make the next season a memorable one. He still lacks a medal at the World Championship and the boost he got from 2018 Olympics might push him towards it.

The 2019 Championship is still way of, but we could be looking at a very interesting tournament. There are other skiers capable of an upset as well, since we already mentioned – slalom is a roulette.


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