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Slot Games That Have Been Inspired by Great Movies

Slot companies today use themes in their games, so the player becomes immersed in the graphics. Popular movies are often selected as the theme in some of these games. Movie slot machines will often feature main characters and famous scenes in the movie. These companies do this to highlight the most memorable parts of the movie. Norsk online casino tested and recommended all casino games mentioned.

Norway's legislation on online casinos has brought more attention to foreign online slot machines. Norway has banned all slot machines and requires its citizens to play on the state-owned online casino. This law causes Norwegian players to search for foreign online casinos.

The guest author is Alexandra Nereng, an expert on online slot games. You can view her profile here.


Ted is a popular comedy movie that aired in 2012. This game is one of the most memorable examples of a slot video game becoming movie-inspired. Blueprint Gaming took this comedy classic and incorporated Ted the bear to create a unique aesthetic.

There are five reels and twenty paylines in total. The jackpot of this slot game is £5,000, and it’s not a progressive jackpot. As you play, you can potentially win bonus features such as wilds, win multipliers, extra spins, and more.

Some of the bonus features are mini-games that appear when you line up three or more scatter symbols. There are a total of five mini-games that you could play.

The first mini-game is The Wheel of Fortune; you spin the wheel and try to land on the money bonus. You then play Bar Crawl Bonus, which you play by moving the bottles around to show prizes. Next is S*Mart Free Spins, which gives you five free spins. Then Flash Reel Spins, which rewards you free spins and lets you earn bonuses on a flash reel. The last game is Big Money, which includes the Big Money Bonus.

This game is simple and easy to learn. There are enough wager options for players of all kinds to enjoy.

Hong Kong Tower

Elk Studios chose one of the earliest movies out of all slot video games inspired by movies. Hong Kong Tower focuses on the story of King Kong. The King Kong movies date back to 1933. The graphics on this game feature an animated version of king kong.

This five-reel slot game has a total of ninety-nine paylines arranged in a 5x3 grid. You can bet up to 100 coins, and the house edge is 3.7%. Overall, this slot is mildly volatile.

Wheels of the Sky is one of the bonus games on this slot machine. To play the bonus game, you need to line up at least three of the correct symbols. You will then spin three wheels.

You spin each wheel for cash prizes, and each wheel gets increasingly better rewards. There is nothing too special about this machine, but it does have amazing graphics of King Kong climbing a tower for the top prize.

The Goonies

The Goonies is a 1985 adventure comedy film directed by Steven Spielberg. Notable symbols from this phenomenal film appear in the slot game, such as skeletons, ships, and even Chunk.

When you begin the game, you see a screen that gives you a quest. A map then covers your screen as you spin the slot. The music and graphics make you feel like you are actually in the movie.

There are five reels with a total of twenty paylines. You can bet a total of 200 coins and can up to 500x that stake. Overall, this is an excellent slot if you want to experience some nostalgia packed in an exciting game.


This slot game focuses on the 1995 movie Jumanji starring Robin Williams. The fonts and visuals NetEnt put into his game capture the feeling of the original film.

Although the graphics are impressive, the gameplay is lacking. There are five reels with thirty-six paylines total. The minimum bet is £0.10, the maximum is £100, so the stakes are pretty broad. There are 10 total different features available that give you multipliers or free spins. Although this slot game is rich with content, the payouts are low and uncommon.

Casino companies have used movies in their games for decades. Consider if your favourite movie-inspired slot game is worth playing by reading these reviews.