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Soccer Is Back - So Are These Top 4 Players!

With soccer now being back after the COVID-19 lockdown in multiple countries around the world, soccer fans are definitely jumping for joy. It has been a few months of pure darkness not only for soccer but for sport in general and specifically for the sports betting industry. Four of the top European Leagues had all returned by the end of June and are back on the betting boards. The Premier League kicked off again exactly 100 days after it had been suspended due to the pandemic. Both LaLiga and the Bundesliga returned a bit earlier and the Serie A returned on the 20th of June. 

This is a great time to take a look at how well some of the top European players have managed to stay in shape during the lockdown and what we can expect from them this season. 

1. Sergio Ramos - Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos is a bit like Marmite - you either love him or you hate him. Regardless of your views on this player however, it’s impossible to deny the form that he has been in since the resumption of La Liga a few weeks ago. Ramos is naturally a bit of a leader out there on the field, and he has constantly filled that role no matter who he has played alongside. Players like Ronaldo and Bale both praise Ramos for how ambitious and motivating he is to his fellow teammates, and this has been particularly evident in recent weeks.

Not only has he scored several times since Real Madrid made a return to La Liga action, but he has displayed some of his usual leadership traits. He has been selfless with the ball at his feet, and he hasn’t been afraid to put his body on the line when he needed to. Real Madrid has had a good start since the return of La Liga, which sees them at the top with 77 points, 4 clear of Barcelona. Sergio Ramos has played an enormous part in this success too. 

2. Alisson - Liverpool

Goalkeepers often don’t get the credit that they deserve. This is especially true for the Brazilian goalkeeper, Alisson, who currently plays in goal for Liverpool. Liverpool has had a great start since the Premier League returned and Alisson has made some breathtaking saves. With Liverpool at 82 points followed by Manchester City on 57 points, the odds are in favor of Liverpool winning the Premiership this season. Clearly, Alisson has been busy during lock-down in the UK, and it would seem that his goalkeeping talents have only improved during the time spent away from the pitch. Alisson has been incredible all season long, and he’s been invaluable for Liverpool’s Premier League success.

3. Robert Lewandowski - Bayern Munich

This man is just a goalscoring machine, plain and simple. Lewandowski has always been a playmaker, and he’s always had the ability to hit the back of the net with scary regularity, yet this season he has just been something else. Since the Bundesliga returned a few weeks ago, Lewandowski has scored close to 10 goals, and right now he just seems to be able to ping them in from wherever he is on the pitch. He is simply invaluable to Bayern Munich right now, and this also bodes well for their Champions League chances.

Due to Lewandowski’s goal-scoring talents, among other factors, Munich managed to claim the Bundesliga title just a few days ago. Now all eyes are on the Champions League since they have managed to do the job domestically, and if Lewandowski keeps this kind of form up, they could well claim that title too.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus

Come on, would it ever be a complete list without Cristiano Ronaldo making an appearance? With not many games left in Serie A for the season, Ronaldo seems to be doing a great job guiding his team to the win. He has scored in both of Juventus’ games upon the Serie A resumption, and interestingly, both of these have been from the penalty spot. While some might say that these goals don’t reflect the players' form but if you’ve watched the games, you've seen that he has been able to generate chances for countless of his teammates. 

He is still ducking and weaving past defenders like he always does, and this makes him a threat to any kind of opponent. Much like Bayern Munich, Juventus will also have one eye on the Champions League, which is coming up in August.

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