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2019 European Speed Skating Championships Odds

It’s no breaking news that the world is getting ready for the 13th edition of the European Speed Skating Championships coming up next year. For those who don’t know what the event is all about, the event is basically a series of long track speed skating events that are held yearly. The sport is used to determine the best all-round speed skater in Europe.

We all are excited to see our amazing athletes return as the ice World Cup action start on the 11th of January to the 13th of January. It will be taking place on of the fastest open-air track in the world.

The athletes will have a chance to experience the amazing weather in Collalbo. This will be the 13th Masters Revival with global stars such as Ireen Wust, Dutch maestro Sven Kramer Kjeld Nuis fighting to set new records during the Event.

Not so long ago, the online ticket sales for the event in the Arena Ritten was made available. If you’d love to get your own ticket of the event, you can go to their official site on

Event Location

The Event is going to take place in Italy, Collabo to be precise. 


If you want to pay for the entire event, you can get the Event ticket at € 65. The event ticket allows access on all three days of the competition.

Meanwhile, the day event, which is the Day Ticket will cost € 25

The interesting part about the ticketing is the fact that children up to 6 years are allowed to watch for free. So, if you’ve got children who are up to that age, then, you can go to the ticket with them for a family outing.

Fans who attend the sporting event will be treated to a feast on the weekend of the Championship. Guests and fans will be served tasty food, drinks, and entertainment in the tents of the event.

Odds at 2019 European Speed Skating Championships

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