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Spelautomater brings you up to date reviews, offers, bonuses and freespins. Online gambling has grown into a multi million market where several gaming companies do their best to attract potential costumers. This has unfortunately made it hard to separate the good from the bad. Since there are so many options out there one is hard pressed to not, at least once, open an account at a casino provider which simply just doesn't cut it. In order to avoid this it is of importance to use a reliable site that lists the available options. But first, something should be said about online casinos in general.

Online casinos are experiencing an unprecedented increase in popularity. Never before in history has so many people been actively taking part of the traditional casino games such as poker, slot machines, roulette and blackjack. Much is due to the market expansion seen by an ever increasing Internet usage. No longer are potential players hampered by physical boundaries such as those imposed by not having a casino in ones vicinity.

Slots, betting and gambling in general has had a somewhat troublesome legal status in Sweden. Even though the state owned AB Svenska Spel is the only company with a right to provide online gambling services in Sweden, Swedish Internet users can still use online casinos that are based outside of the Swedish borders. This is mainly due to the European Union which makes online gambling winnings tax exempt for Swedish gamblers as long as the casino in question is established within the European Union. Recently, the European Union has also criticized Sweden for having what they perceive as stringent and inflexible gambling laws. This has caused Sweden to take steps to reform applicable laws and replace the current gambling monopoly with a license based system oriented towards a freer market.

But no matter how these events unfold, there is nothing that stops Swedish gamblers from enjoying the vast amount of gambling services that are available on the Internet. Since the options for slots, betting and such are so many and varied it is almost impossible to by oneself get an overview of the entire market. At Spelautomater you can get a thorough and useful overview of more than five hundred different casino games. You will also be able to try most of them directly in your web browser. This makes it possible to avoid the unpleasant surprises that may occur if one blindly decides to deposit money in order to play unknown slots at a certain casino. also provides you with up to date bonuses for new as well as established players. In order to keep us all in the loop, the latest casino offers are listed in the news section. The focus is mainly on casinos which at least offer a Swedish website. Most of these have received in depth reviews which detail layout, offers, campaigns, options for depositing and withdrawing money, support experience and so on. There are also sections dedicated to mobile casinos and Jack Vegas. Since Jack Vegas is a somewhat unique Swedish concept it is hard to convert the experience into an online equivalent. The Jack Vegas machines were usually found in pizza places and bars. They were often grouped together and represented a sort of miniature slot casino. It became a social venue mainly for Swedish youths and is remembered fondly by many.

If you want to experience what Sweden has to bring to the table when it comes to slots and online casinos, Spelautomater gives you insight into an otherwise quite informal and secluded culture. No matter if you are interested in the currently most popular games or the timeworn and trusted classics, Spelautomater will bring something new to the table.