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Sports betting as a long-term investment

Few people consider sports betting as a long-term investment. Most players perceive bets as entertainment, which is possible and right on the one hand, and some look for ways to enrich themselves quickly using a bookmaker. In this article, we would like to consider bets on sporting events just as a long-term investment of money, and not as options like "bet for fun and excitement," "bet to make it more interesting to watch a match" or "quickly hit the jackpot on bets."

Professional players always consider scr888 download sports betting as a long-term investment, like investing in real estate or securities, and by no means as a quick way to enrich themselves. For a better, a long-distance is always important, or rather, profit over a long distance (1000, 2000, 3000 bets), rather than winning a single bet or profit for a week, a month.

Differences between investments in securities or real estate from investments in rates

The main difference between investing in securities and investing in sports betting is that on the securities market, the investor can easily lose 20-40% within a week or a month. On sports betting the investor can either increase the investment up to 100% and even more or lose everything in just 2-3 hours.

How many bets per year does a professional better (handicapper) make?

A professional better can make up to 2000 bets in one season, and nothing is surprising in this. For one game season, in this case, one game year is accepted. If we consider the professional North American leagues of the NBA, NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball as investments, then make 2,000 bets - just spit, given that in these four leagues there are more than 4,000 sports events per season.

Why doesn't everyone invest in sports betting?

Now it becomes clear that sports betting needs to be considered precisely as a long-term investment of money, and only then can you profit from it. It's possible to earn a living by sports betting, but this is a challenging task, and it turns out that not everyone has it. Only a few percents of the players in the world can call themselves professionals.

"Theoretically, you can earn money on bets, but why then in the world there are so few successful players and so many ill-starred players?", you ask. The answer is quite simple. According to statistics, only 1 out of 10 players treat bets as a long-term investment of money, while the rest bet for fun, excitement or consider sports bets as a "fast profit." In the end, they lose the whole bank (or an impressive part of the bank) and finish the career of a betting investor, join those nine out of ten players, starting to put small amounts for fun and excitement.

If you want to try making money on sports betting or if you have already started that difficult path, or maybe you have been betting on sports for a long time, but you cannot make a stable profit, try some tips. Highlight some points, reconsider your attitude to betting, make a choice in favor of long-term investments. Start gradually, learn every day, correct mistakes, gain experience, invest in rates wisely.