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Sports betting becomes challenging for Illinois residents

Illinois Sports wagering act is a perfect example of imperfect legislation. It was the expansion bill for casino games. It was passed to legalize sports betting in Illinois.

Previously, the gaming expansion bill that was passed had an exception of the state of Illinois. However, the region had more competing interests than other regions in the US.

The gaming expansion in 2019 was given a push and it helped the constitution members to pay for several things such as university buildings, state facilities, and schools.

Key changes in the gaming expansion bill 2019

The whole package of gaming expansion was accepted by the constitution. However, few key compromises were made with significant bipartisan. For example, the biggest compromise was the penalty box provision.

The penalty box locked online gaming operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel for 18 months. This leverages brick-and-mortar casino owners, such as Neil Bluhm of Rivers Casino.

Online sports betting in Illinois

The brick-and-mortar casino owners and legislation members argued that online gaming companies had been operating illegally in the state of Illinois. Moreover, the illegal operations are setting back the conventional casinos.

Therefore, the law of the gaming bill expansion 2019 now requires the bettors to register in-person at a casino, a sports facility, or a track center. Only then can the gamblers use the mobile gaming features.

Online gaming companies were also allowed to partner with existing brick-and-mortar casino owners to share the revenues. But as the pandemic entered our lives, the legislation waived off the condition to register in person. This allows online casinos to gain access to the Illinois betting market.

As of now, the state of Illinois is in the 4th phase of vaccination for COVID-19. Therefore, Pritzker confirmed last Sunday that brick-and-mortar casinos have been reopened with all the safety protocols in place.

Therefore, suspension of in-person registration at conventional casinos is no longer needed for Illinois. The breaking yet sad news for bettors has crushed all the long betting plans for gamblers.

The disadvantage of the in-person registration requirement in Illinois

The bettors and online gaming companies are not happy with the decision because online sports betting in Illinois accounts for 75% of the revenue. Moreover, it accounts for a total of 90% revenue if we combine retail and online sports betting market.

According to industry experts, it is only going to be a disadvantage for the market. No money from the industry would go for universities, schools, state buildings, infrastructure, etc.

A decision as strict as this would immediately stifle and stop the growth of the burgeoning industry. The legislation would not have added back the clause in the gaming bill expansion 2019 if brick-and-mortar casino owners were not involved in the first place.

In the past few months (particularly during the pandemic), Illinois emerged to be one of the top sports betting places in the US. However, the immediate growth was fueled by the online betting market.


Illinois is a state with big fandom for sports betting. Moreover, it is a keeper of top-tier sportsbooks. Many are hoping to see the state’s name in one of the top productive betting markets in the US.