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Sports Betting Casinos — Advantages and Disadvantages

Multi-platform is a buzz phrases that you’re likely to be familiar with if you have any sort of engagement with online gambling. Essentially, this means that a site makes its content accessible to players across as many platforms and devices as possible.

However, the term multi-platform also refers to the greater diversity of offerings at gaming sites. Increasingly, sportsbook sites also have their own online casinos, while some established casino brands have branched out into sports betting.

Of the former type, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Betway are probably the best examples. The first two were high street bookmakers long before the internet was even imagined, while Betway was amongst the first pioneers of the online sports book; however, all three now have online casinos as well. Going the other way, All Slots online casino, one of the most successful brands in the market, has recently launched its own online sports book, known as AllYouBet.

Advantages of Playing at a Sportsbook Casino

Playing at a multi-platform site that offers both sports betting and online casino games undoubtedly has some advantages for the punter. The convenience of running only one online account is one, in that most combined sites enable you to move from sports to casino games and back again fairly simply, and you’re able to use the same funds irrespective of where you’re betting. This means you can have a punt on the Cheltenham Gold Cup in between hands of blackjack, for instance, without leaving the site and having the hassle of logging in again.

However, it does tend to be the case that at these combined sites the sports book is the more dominant of the two, and ultimately, they’re probably best considered as sites for sports punters who also play casino games, rather than casino aficionados.

Advantages of Playing at a Specialist Casino

Online casinos have evolved very quickly and have moved on in terms of what they offer and the overall gaming experience, and are almost unrecognizable compared with only five years ago.

The most significant development has been an increased emphasis on ‘mobile first’ casinos. More than 93% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone and so providers have been adept at making their games available on the go. A consequence has been a move away from online casinos providing their games via a downloadable software client to web-based games that are optimised for play on mobiles and tablets.

As a result, casino sites can increasingly offer games by a variety of different developers, rather than just a single brand, meaning more choice, more variety and more innovation. Therefore, if casino games are your primary focus when gambling online, then a specialist casino site is more likely to meet your needs, as the casinos operated by sports book tend to only source their games from one developer.

Bottom Line

The British online gaming market, being the biggest regulated market in the world, has a good range of both types of sites, many of which are featured in these types of  UK casino comparison sites. Ultimately, if casino games are how you spend most of your time playing online, then a specialist casino site is likely to offer you the better gaming experience. On the other hand, if you want the convenience of being able to both punt and play slots from the one site, then a combined sports book/casino site is probably going to meet your needs.