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Sports Betting for Beginners: Important Things to Keep in Mind

Sports betting has become so huge that it is expected to become a multi-billion industry in the next few years or so. Perhaps the emergence of daily fantasy sports has paved the way for it to become a conventional practice among bettors. As a matter of fact, the anti-gambling stigma that the United States is known for is starting to fade. More and more people are betting on sports, with a deluge of others expected to arrive in the very near future.

If you are new to the world of sports betting, there is no need to worry. It is not really that complicated, especially once you know how it works and understand what things you need to keep in mind. Bear in mind, though, that it can sometimes be overwhelming. So, as much as possible, take a breather and sort through everything as slowly and surely as you can.

One thing to take into account is getting access to the best online betting tips to help you make your winning bets.

Here are other things beginners need to know. Consider them essential, so be sure to note each one carefully.

#1. Favorites vs. Underdog

This is going to be the very first thing you will encounter when entering the world of sports betting. When oddsmakers start releasing (also known as opening) a line on a game or match, one of the very first things they do is decide which team should be deemed the favourite and the underdog. The former refers to the team that is really expected to bring home the bacon. As for the underdog, it is the other way around. But just because a team is deemed the favorite, it does not necessarily mean it is going to win the game. That is not how it works. However, its chances of winning are far greater than that of the underdog.

#2. Spreads

Whether you will be betting on a favorite or an underdog, keep in mind that there are at least two different ways to do so. The first one is called the point spread, which is completely based on which team will cover. A favorite is expected to “give” points, while the underdog is more on “get” points. Let’s say Team A are the 7-point favorites against Team B. If you decide to bet on the former, it is imperative that the team wins by at least eight points or more in order for you to win the bet.

If Team A wins by eight or more, then you “cover.” If they only win by the exact points, then it is called “push.” This only means that you will be able to get back your original stake. However, if Team A only wins by around six points or fewer (or just loses the entire match or game straight-up), then you will lose your bet. On the other hand, if you decide to bet on Team B, you have to hope that they either win the match or game or lose by only six points or fewer. Otherwise, you will not go home with a win. It is worth noting that spreads are always available for all sports, but they are predominantly utilized when betting on either basketball or football.

#3. Moneylines

Moneylines is your second best way to bet on either a favorite or underdog. This one right here is completely based on which team is likely to win the game or match. Favorites are synonymous to receiving a “minus” designation, which could be -150, -200, or even -500. If a favorite is designed with -200, it simply means that you are going to have to risk betting $200 to win $100. If the favorite is successful in winning, then you are going to get the latter amount. But if it loses, then your $200 vanishes. And since favorites are generally expected to win (that is just how the world of sports betting works), you are really going to assume more risk when you decide to bet on them.

Underdogs, on the other hand, are given a designation that says “plus.” And this could be +150, +200, or +500. Let’s say an underdog is given a plus designation of +200. It only means that if you bet $100 on them, should they win, you’ll get a return of $200. If they lose the game or match, you are only going to lose $100. Since the underdogs are the complete opposite of favorites, they are generally expected to lose the game. As such, the reward when you bet on them is more compelling.

It is worth noting, though, that betting on favorites and underdogs is not necessarily a complicated decision to make. As long as you take everything into consideration, and you actually do homework, you should have a better idea of the winning team.


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