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Sports Betting in Illinois – What Can We Expect in 2021?

Sports betting is thriving in all parts of the world even in this pandemic. The COVID-19 also gave a rise to online sports betting platforms.

Sports betting in Illinois became legal in March 2020. People think that it wasn’t a good time as most of the sports matches and games were postponed considering the COVID-19 crisis. But that didn’t stop the people of Illinois to bet online and earn themselves some extra bucks.

Sports Betting Trends

There are more changes expected both around sportsbooks and sports, due to the sport betting bans being lifted.

The possibility of most likely sport betting trends to become common among people in these times are:

  • E-Sports betting

In just a few years, e-sport may become the most popular type of sport globally. The massive figures that they have generated are proof of that.

In this pandemic where the lockdown to other sports has greatly helped esports. Today’s consumers grew being exposed to twitch streaming and competitive gaming. Instead of watching soccer and cricket on TV, they are watching Dota 2 or CS.

Esport is already a thing and it’s getting bigger each day.

  • Micro betting

From straight-up betting to in-play betting and know its micro betting. In this players get to bet on even the smallest thing during the game.

Will Real Madrid score during this possession? Will Bill point in this attempt? Will Stephen commit an unforced error in this next game?

Advancements to sports betting technology will make live-game wagering a thing and micro betting to these sportsbooks will be like soda to concession stands.

  • 24/7 sports update

Sportsbooks are already adapt to notifying their players of the latest sports updates. But this is going to go a step further with the player’s complete tracking. By many amazing innovations such as grabbing live data from players all the time.

Fitness trackers and watches that are easily available can keep track of our daily health and something similar can be implemented for athletes. Any injury, overall physical condition, or even mental health will be made available for the betting public.

  • System update

Sports betting is still a niche, but viewing the situation around us and its legalization, it’s going to become more mainstream.

It is okay to believe other platforms will feature their own updated version of the sportsbook. They can use their own currency or points system and have users create their own betting markets.


The sports betting industry is worth millions. The use of smartphones and tablets to make bets has made it easier than ever before for fans to act on their sporting instincts.

Illinois betting market handles $305 million in just the first 3 months. 92% of these bets were wagered from mobile devices. The ability to bet from home and that also in the situation of this pandemic has made everyone to consider this way of making money.

It is expected to be one of the major ways to earn some extra bucks.