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Strategies to Win Your Bet Games in the Bookies House

Over the years, bettors complain about the bookies having significant power in betting games, primarily because they set the odds. However, do you know you can beat bookmakers to their games? There is no doubt bookies are highly intellectual and mathematically savvy; bettors need some intellectual property and many strategic approaches.

The answers to winning in the bookies' house are therefore below:

1. Understand How the Sporting Works

Bettors must understand basic betting terms like moneyline, point spread, payout, odds, vig, teaser, and many others. More so, study your favorite team performance level. For instance, watch how your football team performs, and not only observe their years of being in the sport.

2. Do Not Think the Favorite Always Have the Game

Bookmakers set their favorite and underdog based on past performances. Meanwhile, sports, especially football, can be unpredictable sometimes. Instead of always going for bookmakers' favorites, use your predictions of the recent happenings.

A good example is the clay competition between Rafael Nadal and Fabio Fognini back in 2018. Nadal had always been the king, and it was easier for bookmakers to put him as favorite without a second thought. Unexpectedly, Fabio Fognini won the game. Looking back into the record, I realized Fognini had some recent wins in Rio De Janeiro before playing with Nadal at Barcelona. If bettors had considered this information, it would have been a fairer bet for many of them.

3. Consider Single Bets

There is no doubt a bet of several games combinations yields a high payout, but it is risky. If you are new to the game and want to beat the house to it, consider single bets. Many bookies often lose to a single selection. More so, you should feel safe betting £5 or £10 on a single event. You can find on what to bet on different betting tips website like best bitcoin casino.

4. The Back and Lay Code

Back and lay is a betting strategy that has proven to work overtime. Hence, I will be emphasizing it, mainly because it is a technical trick.

Most betting sites mark their "back bet" in blue such that bettors can quickly identify it. A back bet is you placing your bet on a particular team. For instance, if you bet 10 Euros on Manchester United winning a match, which has an odd of 1.67, your payout will be 16.70 Euros (10 Euros x 1.67). In this case, you are not betting against a bookmaker but a betting exchange user. But if you bet with deposit bonus, you have a an advantage.

You exhibit the lay code when you play the role of a bookmaker. You are simply not betting on an outcome but going against the bet from the other end. Hence, either Manchester United wins or loses; you will receive a payout. Interesting right!

On the lay side, you will win your stake, which is 10 Euro, if Manchester United lost the game. Although the payout is always higher at the back end, you are not losing your stake in any case.


Gambling is a risky game, especially in sports betting. But, use the strategies above to ensure you have fun while playing your way into becoming a millionaire. Betting strategies are essential aspects for bet enthusiasts looking forward to a long-term goal in sports betting. This means you need to exercise patience and exhibit these strategies turn-by-turn to achieve your long-term goal. More so, you need to identify the unique strategy that stands you out among other bettors, as it will increase your chances of winning. Just as we have it in businesses, you need the identify your selling point.

Among all the strategies listed above, there are specific ones that match your appetite and budget. Find the right markets, correct prices, good betting sites, and shoot the shot.