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Super Combined World Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins Super Combined for men at Alpine World Ski Championships 2019?

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Combined event combines downhill (speed) and slalom (technical ability) and the winner of this event is the skier that achieves the best time overall. Usually downhill comes first, followed by an event of slalom. A couple of years ago, there was also an event called “super combined”, which consisted of one downhill drive and two slalom runs. Due to its complexity but also tiredness of the skiers, this event was canceled at major events.

French skier Alexis Pinturault won the combined overall event four times in his career, while he finished fourth in the last season. Alexis is one of the leading skiers in this event for quite some time now and has also managed to claim the silver medal at the Olympic Games this year, staying behind Marcel Hirscher. He is expected to defend his title from St Moritz from 2017. He has seven wins in combined event and has also finished ten times on the podium. Although Pinturault is relatively young (27), he is already making some great results and is expected to be even better in the years to come, which ultimately puts as a firm favorite for a golden medal at the 2019 World Championship.

Peter Fill is another skier likely to play a big role in the combined event. He won the combined overall event in 2018 in some pretty fierce competition. Although he never won the combined event, he benefited from the consistency this season, but also because some of his rivals got injured or they retired. This does not underestimate his great performances during the skiing season, as at 35 years of age he can still produce great results.

Kjetil Jansrud is another very unique example of an athlete can use his experience and be a favorite at an event. Jansrud was runner up in the World cup in 2018. He did not win a medal at the last World championship, but did in 2015 in Beaver Creek, where he came second in Combined event. Jansrud greatest hope is that his downhill ride goes as planned, meaning slalom is not his strongest asset.

Although he is not considered an expert in Combined event, Marcel Hirscher can still rock things up, as he did at the Winter Olympics, where he won the golden medal in this event. Slalom is his absolute specialty and he can rely on this event to give him a medal, since downhill event is much more even at the end. It is not sure however that Hirscher will decide to pursue this event, because he used to miss out competing here. Besides the 2018 gold, Hirscher also won the 2015 event in Beaver Creek.


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