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Super Combined women World Championships Odds

Who wins Super Combined for women at Alpine World Ski Championships 2019?

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Combined event combines downhill (speed) and slalom (technical ability) and the winner of this event is the skier that achieves the best time overall. Usually downhill comes first, followed by an event of slalom. A couple of years ago, there was also an event called “super combined”, which consisted of one downhill drive and two slalom runs. Due to its complexity but also tiredness of the skiers, this event was canceled at major events. Favorite for combined event are almost exclusively already competitive at slalom and downhill events, so we should keep an eye out on these events, when picking favorites for this one.

Reigning world champion and number one favorite for the combined event is Swiss skier Wendy Holdener. World champion from 2017 is also predominantly competing at slalom races as well and in 2017, she won the silver medal. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, Holdener won the bronze medal and at the World cup event, Holdener finished first, winning her second combined World cup event. Overall, Holdener seems like a favorite for this event and based on her form she is one to watch here. It will be interesting to see will Holdener keep her focus on combined event or maybe mixed event or slalom.

For the last couple years two Swiss skiers – Holdener and Michelle Gisin, rule the combined event. Gisin is the reigning Olympic champion, comfortably winning the event ahead of Wendy Holdener and Mikaela Shiffrin. Gisin came second in the World cup combined event, but also at the last World championship in 2017. Her success is widely sudden, because prior to 2016 she was relatively an average skier with occasional win and mostly finished outside of top 10. Her recent surge suggests that she might actually improve even more in the years ahead and the 2019 championship is a fine example for her to improve.

American skier Mikaela Shiffrin might be more focused on slalom and GS, but her performance at the 2018 Olympic games saw her win the silver medal. This opened discussions that she might be a perfect candidate for the combined event as well. Silver medal in 2018 is her first result in combined event, after normally avoiding this event for years. However, her silver medal finish saw her finish outside of medals in slalom events, which is her priority event. It will be interesting to see whether she will compete at this event in 2019 because of that, but if she does, she can easily be considered a favorite as well.

World championship in Sweden is happening in the middle of the season in February, while the world cup season starts in October. While it is possible to nominate favorites for a certain event, the season itself will always give the most detailed view of the skiers who pretend for the top. However, it would be a big surprise if any of the mentioned three failed to make the cut on the podium.


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