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Super-G World Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins Super-G for men at Alpine World Ski Championships 2019?

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Super G is considered one of the fastest events in the alpine skiing events and combines the skills of downhill and giant slalom. Incredible speeds are achieved in these events, with many skiers often passing the 100km/h mark, making it also as one of the riskier events as well. This does not for spectators who enjoy events like this one; it is also worth noting that Super G is very attractive to watch, as there are also a few jumps down the road. This has often led to some accidents in the past, so let us hope that we will not remember 2019 World championships for that.

At the very top of the favorites list for Super G is the Norwegian skier Kjetil Jansrud, who is now constantly on the top of this event and is regularly on the podium. Jansrud is considered an expert when it comes to fast events and eleven victories and twenty podiums speaks volumes to this. Many experts consider him the fastest skier in the World cup. He already has a golden medal at the World championships and that comes from 2015 in Beaver Creek, while in 2017 he was second. At the 2018 Olympics, Jansrud finished third in Super G, which was considered as a surprise, considering he won the World cup in Super G comfortably.

Veteran skier Aksel Lund Svindal is still one of the greatest skiers in the World cup and he will definitely try to win the medal at the upcoming World Championship. After a difficult injury, he is back and he managed to finish third at the 2018 World cup event, overall and in Super G. Svindal won the Super G event five times in his career and won the race itself 16 times. Svindal never won the WC in Super G, with three bronze medals so he will probably give an extra push this time to win it.

Current world champion in Super G is the Canadian skier Erik Guay, who is probably featuring at the World championship for the last time. He is known for his immense speed, while skiing so we can expect a great performance from him. He has specialized himself only for fast events and he does not even drive slalom or giant slalom, just so he can focus on Super G and Downhill. He was disqualified at the 2018 Olympics, meaning his motivation is even bigger to achieve a great result.

Matthias Meyer won the Olympic gold in Super G in 2018 and he is hoping to back it up with a golden medal in World championship as well. He surprised his competition with this win, especially if you consider that he is not usually the Super G skier. Meyer can hope for yet another upset, but the abovementioned skiers should complete the first three, mere a huge surprise.


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