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Super-G women World Championships Odds

Who wins Super-G for women at Alpine World Ski Championships 2023?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Sofia Goggia1.701.70
Federica Brignone6.006.00
Mikaela Shiffrin8.008.00
Elena Curtoni15.0015.00
Marta Bassino15.0015.00
Corinne Suter19.0019.00
Mirjam Puchner19.0019.00
Ramona Siebenhofer29.0029.00
Michelle Gisin34.0034.00
Ragnhild Mowinckel34.0034.00
Tamara Tippler34.0034.00
Breezy Johnson41.0041.00
Ariane Rädler51.0051.00
Marie-Michèle Gagnon51.0051.00
Tessa Worley67.0067.00
Romane Miradoli81.0081.00
Francesca Marsaglia101.00101.00
Ilka Štuhec101.00101.00
Jasmine Flury101.00101.00
Cornelia Hütter126.00126.00
Laura Gauché151.00151.00
Christine Scheyer201.00201.00
Kira Weidle201.00201.00
Maruša Ferk201.00201.00
Michaela Wenig201.00201.00
Nadia Delago201.00201.00
Nadine Fest201.00201.00
Nicol Delago201.00201.00
Priska Nufer201.00201.00
Tiffany Gauthier201.00201.00

Super G is considered one of the fastest events in the alpine skiing events and combines the skills of downhill and giant slalom. Incredible speeds are achieved in these events, with many skiers often passing the 100km/h mark, making it also as one of the riskier events as well. This does not affect spectators who enjoy events like this one; it is also worth noting that Super G is very attractive to watch, as there are also a few jumps down the road. This has often led to some accidents in the past, so let us hope that we will not remember 2023 World championships for that.

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