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Super-G women World Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins Super-G for women at Alpine World Ski Championships 2019?

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Super G is considered one of the fastest events in the alpine skiing events and combines the skills of downhill and giant slalom. Incredible speeds are achieved in these events, with many skiers often passing the 100km/h mark, making it also as one of the riskier events as well. This does not affect spectators who enjoy events like this one; it is also worth noting that Super G is very attractive to watch, as there are also a few jumps down the road. This has often led to some accidents in the past, so let us hope that we will not remember 2019 World championships for that.

Tina Weirather from Liechtenstein is probably the number one favorite for the upcoming WC in Sweden. The 29 year old won consecutive World cups in Super G, surpassing the competition heavily, with the latest edition leaving her nearly 100 points ahead of Lara Gut. At the last World Championship in 2017, Tina Weirather came in second and is looking to move a step further this season. She was a “victim” of a major upset at the 2018 Winter Olympics, where she won the bronze medal, as Czech skier Ester Ledecka won the gold; we’ll get to that later. However, it is estimated that anything but a gold for Tina would be considered a major disappointment.

Austrian skier Anna Veith looks as the most reliable athlete to compete with Weirather and cause an upset. The silver medalist from 2018 Olympics, Anna has been competing at the Super G level for years and has already experienced winning the World cup and World championship in her career. She won the WC in Super G back in 2015 and is also the golden medalist in this event from 2014 Olympics in Sochi. At the World cup Super G event in 2018, Anna came in third at the end. With her experience and pedigree it will be an interesting fight for the World championship title. The advantage for Anna might be the fact that she has specialized for multiple events, thus giving her more space for tactical approach.

The 2018 Winter Olympics gave us an opportunity to witness the history in the making, as Czech skier Ester Ledecka became the first skier to win gold medals in two separate sports; skiing and snowboarding. It was considered a huge upset, especially if we see that Ledecka is not usually a regular alpine skier, with very poor results in her career to justify that statement. Ledecka won the golden medal ahead of the two ladies we described above. It is questionable though that she might be a serious contender at the 2019 WC, but let us not be too surprised if it happens that she also claims a medal at this event.


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