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European Aquatics Championships odds

European Aquatics Championships

European Aquatics Championships 2021

The 2020 European AquaticsChampionship which was scheduled to take place in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest did not take place 2020 and has been delayed. The reason behind the delay was the pandemic which forced authorities to postpone the European Aquatic Championship to 2021. The Championship features swimming, diving, and other variations of aquatic athletics. New dates for the 2021 European Aquatic Championship have been announced. The competition is now reportedly set to take place to 10th of May, 2021. LEN President Paolo Barelli made the announcement about the much-awaited aquatics competition. The new date announced is merely a temporary decision and is subject to change. LEN has made no final decision as the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic seems unapparent.

The European Aquatic Championship odds are hard to tell as countries like Russia, UK, Ukraine, Hungary, and Italy are always fighting hard to get the top spot. However, if we see the 2018 championship medal records, Russia has more chances as they won the championship by 47 medals. Followed by the UK as the runner up with 32 medals in total. Both Russia and the UK will fight their way to the top as Russia defends its place as the winner, and other countries look to overthrow both of these parties on the top level.

Covid-19 has affected worldwide sports events to be delayed in the year 2020. The situation was expected to get better at the end of the year, but unfortunately, it is still dangerous. With so many countries currently facing the second wave of Covid-19, it is hard to tell when the situation might get better. The vaccine is not fully ready, and countries are still facing a rise in cases. We believe the LEN president made the right decision and prioritized the safety concerns of the athletes set to take part in the European Aquatic Championship. However, the President did not announce a new location for the championships to take place; Budapest is still going to be the host.

European Aquatics Championships will be held 10-23 May 2021, before European Football Championship.

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